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Driving anxiety

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Weekly driving lessons in Birmingham

Weekly lessons

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Intensive courses

Driving lessons in Birmingham

Driving lessons in Birmingham are available with weekly courses and intensive driving courses.

I’ve taught over 1,000 learner drivers since 2003 and have sat in on over 300 real driving tests. I have helped thousands more people with my 600+ driving lesson videos on YouTube which have had over 10 million views!

There’s only me, Paul, working at my school because I focus on teaching people how to drive safely. I don’t take on other instructors because I’m not interested in growing my school just to make more money and get rich.

I offer driving lessons in the following areas of Birmingham:

Alvechurch, Barnt Green, Billesley, Birmingham, Bournville, Coften Hackett, Cotteridge, Druids Heath, Hawksley, Hollywood, Kings Heath, Kings Norton, Lickey End, Longbridge, Maypole, Northfield, Selly Oak, South Birmingham, Stirchley, Turves Green, West Heath, Weoley castle, Wythall


How do I choose a good driving instructor?

If you really want to learn with the best in Birmingham then you need to search for the best instructor, not the best school.

Why would a brilliant instructor work for a school? They don’t need to because they attract work themselves and get recommended by pupils.

A driving school can be just a bunch of random instructors all working under the same name because none of them can get their own work. The school will just send you whoever is available at that time and it’s down to luck whether you get a good one or not.

Discover how to spot the signs of a bad driving instructor.

You can read my page about driving lesson offers such as 10 lessons for £100 and find out some things schools won’t tell you.

The aim of a driving school is to take on more instructors to make money.

The aim of a driving instructor is to make you a better driver.


Why choose me for driving lessons in Birmingham?

Here is why you should choose me for your driving lessons in Birmingham:

– I’ve taught over 1,000 learner drivers since 2003. I must be doing something right.

– I have sat in on over 400 driving tests so I know exactly how tests work

– I’m also a qualified hypnotist running a. I use my knowledge of hypnosis on driving lessons and I understand how your mind works and how you learn far better than the average driving instructor would

– Birmingham is where I grew up so I know it like the back of my hand.

– I have driven over 400,000 miles with learners

– I’m one of the most well known and experienced driving instructors in the UK.

– I help train driving instructors to pass their tests. I teach the teachers.

– Being an instructor isn’t just a job for me; it’s a way of life. Look at all the effort I put into making my videos and the hours I spent making this site.

Read my story of why I became a driving instructor to find out more about me.

I could go on but really I’d rather you look around this site and make your own mind up.


How many hours of driving lessons do I need?

It takes around 32 to 40 hours of driving lessons to pass a driving test. That doesn’t mean you can drive well, just that you’re ready to pass the test.

It’s different for everyone but by far most people take around 40 hours of lessons.

There are many factors that determine how long it will take such as:

– Your natural ability

– How many lessons a week you take

– How good your instructor is

– Your previous experience

Let’s look at the two most extreme examples from my 15+ years of teaching driving lessons in Birmingham.

I had a pupil that had been taking lessons with other schools for over 10 years. She’d spent over £10,000 on lessons, killed one instructor, written off several cars and not yet taken a driving test.

Another pupil had four hours of lessons with me from scratch and passed the first time with only 1 small fault.

Those are not your average pupils. The one that took a long time and kept crashing simply didn’t listen and thought she knew everything.

The one that learnt very quickly revealed to me after passing that he used to steal cars for a living and had been driving illegally for years.

Asking how long it takes to learn to drive is like asking how long a piece of string is. Yes, it’s twice the length from the middle but that’s a formula, not an answer!


How many driving lessons do you need to pass your test?

The average number of hours of driving lessons you need to pass your test is 36.

That figure is based on learning with me and it’s just a rough guide. The majority of my pupils take between 30 to 40 hours to pass from the very start.

Of course, it can be less if you have experience or more if you need to work on some areas more. Parking, roundabouts and clutch control are the area that many learners get stuck on.


How many driving lessons should I take a week?

You should take at least one driving lesson a week whenever possible. There is nothing wrong with taking 2, 3 or even more per week and I have done this many times over years with great success.

Using my methods and experience, and doing 2-hour lessons each week, most pupils pass within 5 months.

I don’t recommend regularly taking more than one lesson a day unless you want an intensive driving course.


Which is the best driving instructor training?

I have become one of the UK’s best-known driving instructor trainers. I have met dozens of instructors and have had people travel from all over the UK to train with me.

If you want to know how to become a driving instructor or are just curious to know more about what it takes then have a look at my “instructors” menu.

There are pages of free information and hours of videos showing me training other instructors.

Please note that although I train instructors I do not take them on to work at 1stDrive.com. It’s just me here and if you book lessons with me then you’ll get me.


Videos of me teaching learner drivers in Birmingham

I’ve made many videos that show me giving driving lessons and driving tests in Birmingham. I made these to help people by showing that the driving test really isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be.

You can also watch me taking tests that driving instructors have to do to stay on the register.

Every 2 to 4 years instructors have an examiner from the DVSA sit in on a lesson to see how we’re teaching. Last time I did this I made my standards check diary where you can watch 23 videos showing me going through the process.


My experience and memorable driving lessons

Things don’t always go to plan. During my time as a driving instructor I have:

– Been in many non-fault car crashes

– Been attacked in a road rage incident

– Driven through floods on a driving lesson

– Had my car stolen

– Been parking when a golf ball hit my car

– Had a brick thrown through the window the day before my ADI part 3

– Had my car break down

That’s just the beginning. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my adventures.

If you think being a driving instructor is boring then you won’t after following me.


Find out more about me

I have spent years making this website and it’s full of useful information. I’ve listed some pages below that you might find useful, click on the red words to visit them.

– Watch me teaching learners in my driving lesson videos

– Learn some facts about Birmingham

Find you more about me and why I became a driving instructor

– Learn about driving school secrets

– Read about driving school scams and how to avoid them

– See me debunk some common myths of the driving test

– Find out more about how to become a driving instructor and see if you could do it


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