Birmingham driving school lessons, weekly and intensive

Learn to drive without being taken for a ride

Birmingham driving school for intensive and weekly lessons

If you’re looking for Birmingham driving school lessons then you’ve come to the right place. I’m Paul, a fully qualified DVSA approved driving instructor and I’ve taught over 600 people to drive since 2003. I’ve also sat in on hundreds of real driving tests, trained driving instructors and made over 400 driving lesson videos that have had over 6 million views.


Birmingham driving school lesson with Lucy


Remember that the point of driving lessons is to learn how to drive, not to pass a test. This is something we’ll focus on during every lesson. Learn with me and you’ll be ready to drive alone in the real world. What’s the point in just passing a test and then not knowing how to actually drive? It might sound crazy but that’s what some pupils do.


Birmingham driving school lessons with a difference

Many instructors claim to be the best but the fact they’re “instructors” proves they’re not! I only use the term “instructor”  because people know what that means but I’m actually a driving coach.

Driving instruction is old fashioned and out-of-date. Modern driver trainers such as myself use innovative coaching techniques and methods that instructors don’t. Gone are the days of instruction where you just shout at someone until they eventually get it. Learn with me and you really will be learning with one of the best driver trainers in the UK.

I’m one of the few driver trainers willing to prove their ability to the world. I have made over 400 videos for YouTube showing me teaching with over 6 million views. Thousands of people around the world comment on how I’ve helped them learn. I’m proud of what I do and happy for the world to watch because I have nothing to hide.

Where are the videos from all these expert instructors that claim to be the best?


How my driving lesson videos can help save you money

These driving lesson videos are made by me, Paul – the actual instructor you will have for lessons. They are filmed in the same areas that you’ll be driving in on lessons. With my videos you can see what your lessons will be like before we even meet. Once you’re taking lessons with me you could look ahead to see what we’ll be covering in your next lesson or even re-watch lessons to go over any points that we’ve been practising.

When you are ready for your driving test you can watch my driving test videos. They’re filmed from the very test centre you’ll be going from so you can see exactly where you might go and what you might be asked to do.


Even more reasons to learn with me

  • I have 15 years experience and have taught over 600 people
  • I have sat in on over 300 driving tests and gained a vast knowledge of what examiners want
  • Not only do I teach learners but also I also train driving instructors which takes a high level of skill
  • You’ll get the same instructor for every lesson, not a different one each time from the same school
  • I don’t have cars all over the country; this is a local Birmingham driving school
  • I do just two driving lessons a day because I believe in quality not quantity. Cheap instructors often dash around doing 4 or more lessons a day.
  • You’ll be supporting a local driving instructor, not a faceless national company making millions
  • No deposit to pay before we meet. Why risk paying before you’ve met your instructor?
  • Prices are fixed at the hourly rate you start on until you pass
  • There’s no contract to sign so there’s no worry of small print or legal catches
  • No test fee. Some instructors charge £100 for each test, on top of the usual lesson price
  • No extra cost for weekends, bank holidays or anything
  • I have no sales targets. Some schools encourage instructors to drag lessons out for rewards
  • CCTV protection for you (and me)
  • I offer weekly or intensive course to suit your needs – the ultimate Birmingham driving school

If you’ve read this far then you can see how my driving school is so different to all the others. No instructor can match the amount of effort I put into my work and the passion and enthusiasm I have for making people safer drivers.

Whether you’re looking to learn how to drive from the very beginning, already have some experience or have already passed then I can help. If you’re a driving instructor that needs help with your standards check or is feeling lost and disillusioned with the job then I can help you too.

The aim of my Birmingham driving school is to give everyone the freedom that only a driving licence can bring. No more waiting in the rain for busses. No more crowded trains. Now you can get stuck in traffic jams like everyone else!

Yes I always tell it like it is. I use a lot of humour in my work and I won’t sell you a dream of passing in a week or guarantee a pass like some stupid schools will. If you want to learn how to drive properly, safely and with one of the most experienced driving instructors in the business then I’m here to help.


What to do next

I’ve spent years creating this website and there’s a lot of information on it. I recommend taking a look at some of my videos, checking out my prices and if you like what you see then contact me today to book your driving lessons.


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