ADI training and the future of my driving school

I became a driving instructor because of the bad experience I had when learning to drive.

I had an awful instructor who taught me many incorrect methods and did the same route on every lesson. I’ve never told the full story but maybe one day I will.

That’s why I became a driving instructor though: to put right the wrongs that I’d experienced. Over the last few years I’ve looked back at what of I’ve done and I’m proud.

I have grown from nothing and have now taught hundreds of pupils. I took a big step forward when I started making videos because they allowed me to reach a bigger audience and share my work with the world. Now I’m taking another big step by offering full ADI training.

I’ll be offering anyone the chance to become a driving instructor so they can enjoy the same success as I have and more pupils will be getting better driving lessons.


Experience the difference

It’s funny how anybody can be a driving instructor trainer. I’ve always been into martial arts and that world has the same problem too: anyone can just start up a martial arts school and teach anything they like.

It’s always made me laugh how some people qualify as instructors and within days they’re offering ADI training. This really shouldn’t be allowed to happen because although they mean well they don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

I’ve spent 15 years practising my instruction. During that time I’ve learnt from the best instructors, I’ve shaped their techniques into things that work for me. I’ve made mistakes, learnt from them and always tried to be the best instructor I could.

Now I’m ready to start training instructors myself. I’m excited about this challenge and the thought of being able to give someone else a new career sounds very rewarding.

I’ll be making videos showing my training and I can’t wait to show you someone become an instructor with my help.


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I'm Paul and I've been giving driving lessons in Birmingham for 20 years now. I've taught over 1,000 people to drive and thousands more through my YouTube videos. Learn more about me on my about page.
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