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I’m one of the best, not one of the cheapest.

If you want to be just another average instructor working at a school on a franchise, earning peanuts and hating every day then I’m not for you.

If you want to become an awesome instructor using effective techniques that allow you to earn great money, run your own driving school and become peerless then I’m your man!

What makes me so good?

I’ve built a reputation as one of the top driving instructors in the UK. You can Find out more about me here or look through just some of my achievements here:

  • I have over 20 years of experience as a driving instructor with over 1,000 learners taught.
  • I still work as a driving instructor which is more than you can say for many trainers who would be terrified at the thought of having to teach a real learner! Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.
  • I’m a professional hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner along with being trained in CBT, counselling and psychotherapy. I understand how the mind works and can help you in ways no other instructor can.
  • I’m one of the UK’s top driving instructor trainers and have taught thousands of driving instructors. My somewhat-cringy-now video on driving instructor standards has over 70,000 views and many instructors around the UK point their pupils to my videos for help. I help many instructors keep their job when they have a standards check.
  • I’m the original YouTube driving instructor and have made over 700 driving lesson videos. You can even watch me teaching Lucy to drive from start to finish in a 42-hour series of videos.

Here’s a driving instructor I worked with to help overcome a fear of ADI standards checks. This is a separate service not included in ADI training but my skills still allow me to see through what people say and find the real problem far better than your average driving instructor could.

More reasons to choose me

  • No contract to sign
  • Pay-as-you-go training. There’s no need to pay upfront
  • I’ve trained hundreds of driving instructors both in-person and online
  • Personal support when you need it from a real driving instructor, not a call centre
  • I’ll tell you things other trainers won’t – the truth!

I could go on and on but just take a look around the 100+ pages on this website to find out more.

ADI training price tips

Taking ADI training is expensive and is a big step so here are some tips for you to consider when looking for training.

1) Do not be fooled by schools offering training at very low prices. They either hide extra charges or get the money back by signing you up to a franchise where you pay £200+ a week for months. You may have to pay these fees even if you fail the exams.

It happens all the time; people fail part 3 or decide that being an instructor isn’t for them and they get a bill through the post for thousands of pounds. That’s because they signed a contract agreeing to hire a car and be given work for 26 weeks (6 months) at £200 a week. That comes to £5,200 for 6 months and you can be charged this whether or not you complete the course.

They can enforce it by passing it on to debt collectors if you don’t pay. Even worse, if you can’t pay they offer you a finance deal where you have to pay high interest rates like 29% on top of what you owe!

This does not happen with me. I have no contracts, no franchise and all my training is pay-as-you-go. You will never get hit with an unexpected bill.

2) The best ADI trainers tend to work privately as I do. Why would a great trainer work for a driving school?

3) Ask whether the training is 1-2-1. There’s nothing wrong with having another PDI in the back watching you and your trainer in the front but if you’re expecting 1-2-1 training then don’t just assume you’ll get it. Many schools have 2 or 3 instructors training in the car at once.

Contact me

Contact me now to start your ADI training or need help with a standards check.