adi training prices

Here are my ADI training prices for driving instructor training in Birmingham.

I only do pay as you go training so there is no upfront fee with no deposit to pay and no contract to sign.  

Prices for ADI part 1 training

There is no need to pay anybody for part one training because you can learn everything you need to know for this yourself. All you have to do is simply order the books and then study them at home.

See my page on ADI part 1 for details of where to get the books and DVD’s etc. That page also has tips on studying and how to pass.

Prices for ADI part 2, ADI part 3 and standards check training

£30 per hour

ADI training prices tips

Taking ADI training is expensive and is a big step so here are some tips for you to consider when looking for training.

1) Cheap is not the same thing as good value. There’s no point in finding a cheap and cheerful trainer for £15 an hour if you then fail and don’t make it. Paying more does not necessarily mean that you’re guaranteed to pass but why would a good trainer work for a low price?

2) The best ADI trainers tend to work privately like I do. Why would a great trainer work for a driving school?

3) Ask whether you need to sign up to a franchise or not. Some trainers will only help you if you then sign up for their school for a year which is why the training is so cheap. I have no franchise and I won’t be selling you anything.

4) Ask whether the training is 1-2-1. There’s nothing wrong with having another PDI in the back watching you and your trainer in the front but if you’re expecting 1-2-1 training then don’t just assume you’ll get it. Sometimes it can be good to have a training buddy who you can chat to away from sessions.