£40 per hour

This price applies to all ADI training and standards checks training.

If you want to become a driving instructor then the cost of your training for comparison would be £2,160 if you did 14 hours for part 2 and 40 hours for part 3.

There is no need to pay anybody for part 1 training. See my ADI part 1 page for details.

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Things to consider

You are likely to need more than 40 hours for part 3 and there are other costs such as:

  • ADI tests – Part 1 is £81 and parts 2 and 3 cost £111 each
  • Joining the ADI register costs £300

You need to budget around £2500 in total no matter who you learn with. It can be more, or less, but don’t be fooled by places offering you a whole course for under £1000.

People will disguise the cost it in all manner of ways but you are always going to spend around £2500 on becoming a good driving instructor.

ADI training prices tips

Taking ADI training is expensive and is a big step so here are some tips for you to consider when looking for training.

See my page on ADI training scams for more details.

1) Do not be fooled by schools offering training for very low prices. They either hide extra charges or get the money back by signing you up to a franchise where you pay £200+ a week for months. You may have to pay these fees even if you fail the exams.

It happens all the time; people fail part 3 or decide that being an instructor isn’t for them and they get a bill through the post for £3,000. That’s because you signed a contract agreeing to hire a car and be given work for 26 weeks (6 months) at £200 a week. That comes to £5,200 for 6 months and you can be charged this whether or not you complete the course.

They can enforce it by passing it on to debt collectors if you don’t pay.

This does not happen with me. I have no contracts, no franchise and all my training is pay as you go. You will never get hit with an unexpected bill.

2) The best ADI trainers tend to work privately as I do. Why would a great trainer work for a driving school?

3) Ask whether the training is 1-2-1. There’s nothing wrong with having another PDI in the back watching you and your trainer in the front but if you’re expecting 1-2-1 training then don’t just assume you’ll get it. Sometimes it can be good to have a training buddy who you can chat to away from sessions.