Anxiety while driving

Anxiety while driving is common but can be easily overcome.

As well as being one of the UK’s most experienced driving instructors, I’m also a fully qualified hypnotist so we can use hypnosis to change the way you think about driving.

I provide both real driving lessons in Birmingham (United Kingdom) and online hypnotherapy sessions to help people all over the world overcome anxiety while driving. All you need is a phone or PC and we can have your driving anxiety gone in as little as one session.

What causes anxiety while driving?

Your fear of driving comes from your subconscious mind sending messages that make you react in unwanted ways.

It’s not just how you are and not just how things will always be. It’s possible to fix this in as little as one hour!

Using hypnosis allows you to access your subconscious mind and make changes at a deep level.

This video explains where your fear of driving comes from

How hypnotherapy works to overcome driving anxiety

You’ve probably tried at least one of the two most common solutions people try:

  1. Face your fear by driving around and just hope it’ll go away.
  2. Hire a driving instructor who doesn’t understand and ends up shouting at you.

This is where I am so different. Having taught so many people to drive and bring a hypnotherapist means I know exactly what needs to be done to get rid of your anxiety

Let’s look at the main two causes of driving anxiety and how we get rid of them.

A bad event in the past

Some experience you have had has left your mind with the idea that driving is bad. Whenever you think about driving or do actually drive, your mind is firing off warning signs. It makes you sweat, breathe faster and your heart faces. You may feel sick or even be sick.

You often won’t have a clue what this event is. No matter how hard you try to remember it, you won’t. That’s because you’re using your normal, alert mind to recall the memory and that’s unlikely to work.

What could this event be? Anything.

It could be something obvious such as you having a car crash when you were younger but often it has nothing to do with driving at all.

Imagine you fell over and hurt your knee one day as you heard cars driving past.

Your mind links the knee pain to the cars so therefore cars=pain.

Of course this is silly but that’s how your mind works.

It really is fascinating to find out what the cause is because often it can be something so silly that it makes you laugh afterwards.

A past event is one cause but what else could be causing you these problems? Let’s have a look at another reason.

A part of you trying to protect you

You don’t have to have had a bad experience of driving to be scared of it.

It may be that a part of your mind is trying to stop you driving because of the fear of what could happen. You might crash, you might get hurt.

We all know that driving isn’t 100% safe but that doesn’t mean you’re going to crash and get hurt every time you drive.

By using a method called Parts therapy, we can talk to these parts of you. Then we can tell them to chill out and stop causing you problems.

How hypnotherapy works for driving anxiety

By using hypnosis we can relax you and access your subconscious mind. That is where all your unwanted fear and responses come from.

Imagine it like updating a computer. You have to install new software and then it resets and boots up ready to perform new tasks and work better than before.

You don’t need to worry about this at all, it’s a painless and simple process.

Sometimes you may feel emotional when you find out what the issue is and that’s a great sign. Emotion shows you are releasing the problem.

Once we have found out what the issue is then that’s often all that’s needed to fix it.

It sounds daft when you think that a car driving past after you hurt your knee could stop you driving for years after but that’s how it works. It only sounds daft to your conscious mind but your subconscious mind accepts almost any suggestion it’s given.

That’s why we can use hypnosis to make people dance or forget their name. Your subconscious mind accepts whatever suggestion is given to it, with some limitations.

You can find out more about this on my page hypnosis for driving anxiety.

Zoom hypnotherapy for driving

We can get rid of this driving problem from the comfort of your own home.

I offer hypnotherapy for driving sessions online using Zoom, Whatsapp or even over a normal phone call if needed.

I also offer real-life sessions in Birmingham.

Does online hypnotherapy work? Yes, and if you want to see more I’ve written a whole page about it on my hypnotherapy site HypnosisFix along with sample videos showing you what the sessions look and sound like.

I’ve had results with online hypnotherapy sessions that are every bit as good as from real-life sessions.

After your session

The problem can go instantly.

It can sometimes take a few hours or even days to happen but most of the time it’s instant. Sometimes it can take a while for your mind to process things, a bit like rebooting a computer after updates as we mentioned before.

Because I’m also a driving instructor we can even go out and see how you feel after the session if you are close to Birmingham.

I want to find someone willing to film a video showing before and after fixing their problem. Let me know if you’d like to do that. I really want to show the world the power of hypnosis and help as many people with it as possible.

Book your hypnotherapy session

To book your session and get rid of this fear contact me through this site or my hypnotherapy site.