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Areas of Birmingham I cover

The areas of Birmingham that I cover are listed below in alphabetical order. If you live outside of these areas then I still help if you can start and finish lessons from one of the areas listed.

I am now taking on instructors to help me cover a wider area. If you live outside these area please email me anyway and I might know someone that can help you

Barnt Green
Coften Hackett
Druids Heath
Kings Heath
Kings Norton
Selly Oak
Turves Green
University of Birmingham (Selly Oak)
West Heath
Weoley castle


If you can’t do lessons in these areas then you can still learn to drive with me by watching my driving lesson videos.

So long as your area is listed then you can contact me to book your driving lessons. If it’s not listed then please read the text at the bottom of this page which will help to explain why.


Why isn’t my area listed?

I can only travel so far. I don’t cover any of north or east Birmingham because it’s just too far away and I’d end up spending so long getting there and back it just wouldn’t be possible. Remember that I am a one-man band and I don’t have cars all over the place like some schools do.

You need to know the area to be able to teach there. Yes you can drive without knowing the roads but teaching without knowing them is very hard.

What if the pupil wants to try roundabouts? I wouldn’t know where the roundabouts were. What if they are a beginner and need to avoid nasty junctions? I wouldn’t know where the nasty junctions were.


I’m just around the corner

I only cover the areas listed. Even if you are 5 minutes away then that’s 5 minutes further than I can travel and if I started going 5 minutes further up the road then where would it end? I’d go another 5 minutes then another 5 minutes then another 5 minutes….

I wish I could teach everyone that wanted to learn with me but I just can’t. I am one man with one car and I can only go so far.

There are times when an area isn’t listed when I cover other areas around it. Moseley is an example of this and the reason I don’t cover that area is because of the new 20 mph speed limit there. It is unbearable and I refuse to drive in areas with limits like that due to the amount of aggression I get from other drivers because I won’t break the speed limit.

In the summer of 2015 I was assaulted by a driver because I was sticking to the speed limit of 20mph. This ended up with me having to spend two hours going through a police interview and giving them footage from my in-car CCTV.

The same goes for Birmingham city centre. I spent years covering that area when few other instructors would touch it. Now with bus lane cameras, speed cameras, parking wardens and 20 zones it is just a horrid place to drive and I can’t face driving there. The city centre is no place for cars and certainly no place for learners.


If you still really want to learn with me

You can so long as you can get to an area I cover. You can start from a train station or get a bus from Birmingham city to easily reach the areas that I cover.

Another way you can learn with me is by watching my driving lesson videos. You can watch me teach a pupil from start to finish in over 42 hours of video.


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