Driving lessons tiers

Can I take driving lessons in tier 4 or tier 3?

You can take driving lessons and driving tests in tier 3 areas. Read the official announcement from the DVSA.

You can not take driving lessons or tests in tier 4 areas because that is against the law. This includes taking lessons with someone that isn’t a driving instructor unless it’s part of an essential journey.

How can I get a driving test quicker?

There is a huge backlog of driving tests caused by the lockdown. The good news is that I have put together a handy video guide on how you can get a driving test quicker.

Using my 20 years experience in the job I tell you some tricks and tips of things you can do to get your driving test booked sooner even when it seems there are none available.

If you prefer to read rathe than watch then I’ve written the details below.

How to get a driving test quicker

  • Look for driving tests without using your instructors ADI number. This may show up driving tests that they can do but the system just tells you they can’t. Sometimes instructors forget to update their availability and you could be missing out on tests!
  • Look for new driving test centres. The DVSA use put “pop-up” driving test centres when the waiting times get too long.
  • Ask your instructor if they’d be willing to travel to another area to do a test if it’s legal and you’re willing to do so.
  • Keep refreshing the page and log in several times a day. It’s no good just looking once and they won’t contact you! Your driving instructor can get unlimited access to the system so ask them to look for you. Maybe even offer to refer a friend to them for lessons as an incentive!
  • See if your driving instructor has another pupil with a driving test coming up that they may not be ready for. You can swap so you get their test.
  • Check the DVSA booking system at times other won’t be like 1130 P.M.

Theory tests

Theory test centres are reopening on December 2nd 2020.

For more useful videos visit the 1stdrive YouTube channel.

See my pages on common driving test mistakes or driving test hacks to get more help with your driving test.

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