My car is fitted with a 4K Ultra HD and full HD camera system to help protect myself and pupils. Don’t worry, you won’t be filmed on driving lessons! I only have the external cameras recording usually so that it’s easier to resolve any accidents.

As you can see in the video below, this camera saved me from a road rage attack. I’ve also used it to help in from several non-fault car crashes which you can watch on this page. Visit my YouTube channel for more videos.


This video shows why you need CCTV in a car


Watch me being in several non-fault car crashes and learn what to do if it happens to you


Will I be filmed on driving lessons?

It’s not there to film you. I only film the inside of the car if you have agreed to be filmed for one of my videos, otherwise only the road will be recorded. The video is only ever reviewed in the event of an accident or to make some of my funny videos for YouTube. The last thing I want to do at the end of a day of teaching is to sit watching videos of myself working!

You should never be worried about having CCTV in a car. In fact you should be worried about NOT having it! These days there are so many maniacs around I would never drive a car without  the cameras running.

It has been known for scammers to target cars without cameras visible because they’re an easier target. All they have to do is get in front of you, slam the brakes on and they can make thousands from you. You can click here to read more here about crash for cash.


The video above shows me reviewing my older CCTV system. The video below shows the updated version.


Where can I buy these cameras?

If you want to get some of these cameras for yourself then click here to go to the shop I buy them from.

I don’t get any commission or anything from them, that’s just where I buy them from myself. They cost around £65 which is a bargain for the peace of mind they offer.




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