In-car CCTV camera system for driving lessons in Birmingham

Learn to drive without being taken for a ride

In-car CCTV system

In-car CCTV


My car is fitted with a 4K Ultra HD and full HD camera system to help protect myself and pupils. Don’t worry, you won’t be filmed on lessons! I only have the external cameras recording usually so that it’s easier to resolve any accidents.



Will I be filmed on lessons?

It’s not there to film you. I only film the inside of the car if you have agreed to be filmed for one of my videos, otherwise only the road will be recorded. The video is only ever reviewed in the event of an accident or to make some of my funny videos for YouTube. The last thing I want to do at the end of a day of teaching is to sit watching videos of myself working!


The CCTV camera system that I use in my car reviewed by me


Why do you need CCTV?


I’ve been attacked by people trying to steal my car, had several drivers crash into me because they were on their phones as well as being verbally and physically assaulted by impatient drivers.

You can see the events mentioned above if you visit my video zone.



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