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I was attacked in a road rage incident

I was driving to a lesson several years ago when I was attacked by another driver. It was a case of road rage where the driver behind me didn’t like the fact I was sticking to the speed limit of 20 mph and decided to get out and hit me in the face. You can …

Testing times

I’ve just got back from a driving test with the pupil I’ve been filming all the driving lessons with. What was the result? Hold on, what is the pupils name even? You’ll have to watch my site and my YouTube channel to find out more. After launching my new site and making these videos I’m …

My new website is complete!

I’ve rebuilt my whole site from scratch with a new design, totally re-written modern coding and new content. Everything is much clearer now. The new menu system allows for much easier navigation instead of all the links being crammed into one long list as they were before. It’s now much easier for me to add …

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