Checking a driving licence

This page details how I check a driving licence before driving lessons begin

I’ll also need to see it on the first driving lesson to check the photo is of you.

All driving instructors should do these checks otherwise you could be driving illegally. It’s amazing how many don’t bother and drive illegally – read my story further down the page for details.

I also have a page covering what happens on your first driving lesson?

What I need to check a driving licence

Follow the two steps below to generate a code that I use to check your licence is valid.

This is the only way you can do it. I will not accept a photo of the screen, a PDF file etc.

You need to email me with BOTH of these:

  1. The last 8 characters of your driving licence number with the last character being a letter. Licence numbers have a space then two numbers at the end, those two numbers don’t count. If your licence number was “ABCD1234567AB1AB 95″ then the last 8 characters are 567AB1AB
  2. A generated code. Don’t use the code yourself or I won’t be able to use it – it only works once. You can get a code from

The video below explains why these checks are necessary.

Once you’ve completed these steps then contact me to book your driving lessons.

What can happen if you don’t do the checks

I have had many pupils come to me for lessons from other driving schools that have said they never had any checks on their licence done before starting lessons last time.

On one occasion a pupil showed me their driving licence and it turns out that it had been revoked. That means you have a licence but can’t drive.

What had she done to have her licence revoked?

She had taken her Mom’s car out while drunk and crashed it.

She didn’t understand why she was no longer allowed to drive a car “just because a magistrate in court told me I can’t.”

This pupil had been doing driving lessons with a big driving school for weeks without having a licence because her instructor never bothered checking.

That means they weren’t insured and both her and the instructor would have got at least 6 points on their licences if they’d been stopped or been in a crash.

How people have got it wrong

It’s incredible how people find it so hard to follow the two simple steps above.

Over the years I have had some real strange results when asking people to send me their licence details including people that have:

  • Sent me a photo of their foot
  • Said I don’t need to check it and I can trust them because their Dad is a vicar
  • Accused me of trying to steal their ID because their last instructor never mentioned this
  • Left me waiting outside for half an hour while they went inside to get the code. I drove off and never heard back from them – I think they knew I’d rumbled them and they never had a licence

You can read more strange stories like those on my funny driving lesson stories page.