Checking a driving licence

This page details how I check a driving licence before driving lessons begin. I’ll also need to see it on the first driving lesson to check the photo is of you.

All driving instructors should do these checks otherwise you could be driving illegally but many just don’t bother.

I also have a page covering what happens on your first driving lesson?

What I need to check a driving licence

Follow the two steps below to generate a code that I use to check your licence is valid.

This is the only way you can do it. I can’t accept a screenshot you take after logging in yourself, a PDF file or anything else because you could have edited it.

You need to email me with both of these things:

  1. The last 8 characters of your driving licence number with the last character being a letter. Licence numbers have a space then two numbers at the end, those two numbers don’t count. If your licence number was “ABCD1234567AB1AB 95″ then the last 8 characters are 567AB1AB
  2. A generated code but don’t use the code yourself or it won’t work for me! You can get a code from

The video below explains why these checks are necessary if you want to know more.

Once you’ve completed these steps then contact me to book your driving lessons.