Driving in car at Christmas

A Christmas crash course can get you driving in time for Christmas. Learn to drive quickly and safely with my popular Christmas crash courses in Birmingham.

You can find out more details by reading my intensive driving lesson page. My intensive driving courses are no different in terms of quality, they just take less time to complete. I don’t cut corners or miss things out just to rush you through as driving test.

My Christmas crash course driving lessons are done in Birmingham but you don’t have to live here. If you’ve had lessons before and would like to do a short course leading up to a test then I can still help. You could stay over with friends, family or book a cheap local B&B for a few nights.

I will be working up until December 21st 2019. Contact me now to book your course before Christmas or early in the new year.

The video below was made last year so the dates I mention are different.