Christmas intensive driving lesson course Birmingham

It’s time to book your Christmas crash course in Birmingham with 1stDrive so you can be driving yourself home for Christmas.

You can find out more details on how my intensive courses work by reading my intensive driving lesson page. They are no different in terms of quality, they just take less time to complete. I don’t cut corners or miss things out just to rush you through a driving test.

There’s always something special about taking an intensive driving course in the run up to Christmas. It’s become a tradition for me to do a driving test as the last appointment of the year and I love meeting a new driver at the start of December and working with them to get them passed in time for Christmas.

Christmas crash courses in Birmingham

My Christmas crash course driving lessons are done in Birmingham but you don’t have to live here. If you’ve had lessons before and would like to do a short course leading up to a test then I can still help. You could stay over with friends, family or book a cheap local B&B for a few nights.

This year in 2020 I will be working and doing driving tests up until December 23rd.

Can I get a driving test before Christmas?

The local test centre I use is already fully booked until late January 2021.

There is still hope though and you may still be able to get a test in one of several ways.

Tests are being cancelled due to people having to isolate, sometimes with 2 weeks notice. Then there are always cancellations anyway as people have to go into work or have other things come up.

So while there is no guarantee of you being able to get a test in time for Christmas, it’s likely if you are willing to keep checking the system every day then you are likely to find a cancellation.

We can also use 3 different test centres which increases the chance of you being able to get one. There are other things we can do to get a test as well – with 20 years experience in the job I know every trick in the book!

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