Crash for cash

Crash for cash is a scam that sees people crashing cars on purpose to make money. This scam has several names such as Crash for Cash or Bash cash. This page will look at some of the causes of the problem along with how you can avoid becoming a victim of it.

The scam works by people staging accidents and then making personal injury claims. They can make up to £20,000 per accident depending on the injury and claims. The average payout is around £2000. Since the recession began the number of these claims has rocketed. Drivers have even being chased after by companies encouraging them to make claims even if they were not injured. This is one reason for insurance premiums rising so steeply in recent years.

Birmingham is the number one hot spot in the UK for crash for cash. Gangs are now even crashing into each other then splitting the cash between them when one gets a pay out. Some are staging dozens of accidents a day with 5 people in the car each time. One gang was caught having made over 3 million pounds worth of false claims.

Read this BBC article to see an example of crash for cash.

Crash for cash methods

Here are some of the methods used by crash for cash scammers.

The rear ender

If you crash into the back of someone it is your fault – end of story. You can only have hit them if you were following too closely. It’s a very common accident amongst learner drivers who stall and then have someone crash into the back of them. Had the person behind been paying attention they could have stopped easily. There is no argument, no reason, no excuse. It’s your fault.

The problem is though that people are now taking advantage of this. Drivers are deliberately slamming the brakes on when someone is following them to cause an accident. The people behind should still be able to stop but is it fair when the car in front is purposely trying to make you crash? Let’s look at a video to see how the scam works.

This video is being filmed inside a truck and is one of the videos that helped stop a huge crash for cash gang. The black car is part of the scam, he swerves off the road at the last minute to give the blue car a reason to brake hard.

The mini roundabout flash crash for cash

On most roundabouts you give way to the right so the con here is that cars will stop, flash you to go and then accelerate into you as hard as they can and the crash will be your fault.

So what can you do?

The best thing to do is to install a camera system in your car so that you can prove the other person tried to cause an accident.

Click here to visit the page on my car’s CCTV system.