Overcoming driving anxiety success stories

Results are what clients want from hypnotherapy for driving anxiety.

While it’s important to listen to what a therapist says to tell if they know what they’re doing, one testimonial video from a client is worth a hundred videos from me.

There are not many videos here because many people don’t want to be seen online talking about their mental health. Lots of my clients want to keep their therapy private for work or other reasons so what you see here is only a few of the hundreds of the clients I’ve worked with.

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Written testimonials

Here are some written testimonials and emails I’ve had from clients.

I always love hearing how people have overcome their fear of driving and are out and about living their lives!

Overcoming driving anxiety success stories
Overcoming driving anxiety success stories
Overcoming driving anxiety success stories
Overcoming driving anxiety success stories

Does hypnotherapy for driving anxiety always work?


Not everyone gets a result, and I hope you appreciate my honesty and openness.

There are many therapists who will shy away from talking about therapy not working but I believe that I’ll only get better and be able to help more people if I embrace the failures.

Failure is the best teacher.

Why doesn’t it work? I’ve written a whole page on when therapy doesn’t work which goes into great detail and includes several videos of me talking about the reasons.

It all comes down to one thing though: you didn’t find and release the cause of the problem.

I don’t want to be negative but I do want to be honest.

The secret to success

One of the secrets to success in overcoming your fear of driving is that you must understand one thing:

You do the work, not me!

If you go for therapy and expect to sit back and have everything done for you then you’ll be disappointed. That is not how it works and it’s certainly not how to get good results.

My job is not to give you all the answers. It’s to guide you to a place where you find the answers yourself.

Add your success story!

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