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Looking for a driving instructor for anxiety? You’ve just found the best!

If you’re a nervous driver then I can help you overcome driving anxiety online without you even having to leave home or drive a car.

With 20 years of experience as a driving instructor and also being a professional hypnotherapist specialising in driving anxiety, I’m miles ahead of anyone when it comes to beating this problem.

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These videos explain why driving lessons won’t fix driving anxiety and common problems new drivers face. Use the menu button at the top right to see more videos.

I can help you with driving anxiety when other driving instructors can’t

Most driving instructors are just that – driving instructors. You’ll see many claiming that they are good with nervous drivers but the things they do won’t help at all.

The most common methods used by driving instructors to fix anxiety involve just telling you how patient they are, telling you not to worry or shouting at you!

All they’re doing is avoiding the issue. They teach you how to cope with it or how to live with it but they’re not getting rid of it because they can’t. By doing these things they’re often just making it worse.

If you have driving anxiety then you’ll know that there’s a lot more to it than other people think. It isn’t as simple as someone just being calm with you and telling you that it’ll be alright.

If you’d like to not just learn to cope with driving anxiety but get rid of it then keep reading this page and I’ll help you.

I have written a whole page on why driving lessons for anxiety won’t work.

What causes driving anxiety?

Your mind is divided into two parts.

One part controls your intelligent thinking such as numbers, language and logic. The other part controls your emotional thinking such as who you like, what music you enjoy etc.

Whenever there is a conflict between the two parts, the emotional side wins.

This is why you get anxious when you’re driving; your emotions are taking over and getting the better of you.

If you sit and think about your driving anxiety it will often make no sense. Why should you be nervous and scared when driving? People do it every day.

That’s because you’re thinking with the intelligent side of your mind but as soon as you start driving the emotions will kick in and you start to panic.

Does that sound familiar?

The video below shows you a fun little game you can take part in which proves the point above.

Now you know what causes driving anxiety let’s look at why you may have that feeling in the first place.

Finding the cause of your driving anxiety

It’s very important to find the cause of your driving anxiety because only then can you get rid of it. Think of it like wanting to get rid of a leak in a house. Once you find the hole in the pipe and fix it the leak will stop.

The exact cause is not something you’re going to be able to find just by thinking about it. This is where hypnosis comes in because it allows you to access your subconscious mind where the answer lives.

That’s right – the answer to all of your problems is inside your mind right now! If you just find it and then carry out the correct procedure you can be rid of it forever.

Why do I have anxiety?

There are 7 main reasons why you have driving anxiety.

One example is that it can be because of something someone said in the past. It could be that when you were a child, you were in a car when someone said: “This traffic is killing me”.

Yes, something as simple as that, a throwaway comment, can cause you problems for the rest of your life! Your mind will have then learnt to link driving with being killed so it causes you anxiety to stop you from driving to protect you.

Although your driving anxiety may be unpleasant, your conscious mind is only doing what it thinks is best. It has good intentions, to stop you from being killed, but it’s just getting it wrong; just like those instructors who mean well when they shout at you but are just making things worse.

So how do you find the cause? By using hypnosis to access your subconscious mind where the answer lives. Once we find what the cause is then there is still more work to be done.

How to get rid of driving anxiety

I can help you in ways others can’t because as well as having been a driving instructor for 20 years, I am also professionally qualified when it comes to dealing with anxiety.

Because I know what’s going on in your mind in ways other instructors simply don’t understand, I can fix driving anxiety without even needing to get in a car with you.

I do this by working with people through video calls over the internet. For more details see my page on overcome driving anxiety online.

What’s maybe even more surprising is that you can get rid of driving anxiety in as little as one hour! Yes, this issue you’ve had all your life can be gone that quickly.

Driving lessons for nervous drivers

If you’re looking for driving lessons in Birmingham and have any kind of anxiety, fear, phobia or are nervous then I can help.

Hypnosis is not about being in a zombie-like state as you may have seen on TV. It isn’t about mind control and taking over someone’s will to make them hand over their money!

If you really want to learn more than see my page on how hypnosis works.

Driving lessons for adults with anxiety

You don’t have to be a learner driver to need help with driving anxiety.

I often work with people that have been driving for years and suddenly develop driving anxiety. It can come in many forms and can often cause confusion.

Why have you suddenly got this problem when you’ve been driving for years without it?

It’s often the case that you’ve had the issue for years but it just hasn’t activated itself until now. It’s similar to the examples given above for anxiety when learning to drive but sometimes it just takes time for something to trigger it off.

Common issues I help with include:

There are many other types of driving anxiety so whatever it is I can most likely help. Once you understand what is causing it then it’s quite easy to get rid of.

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