Driving instructor training

I offer driving instructor training (ADI training) in Birmingham for ADI part 1, ADI part 2, ADI part 3 and standards checks.

I am a 100% independent driving instructor trainer so I tell it like it is. There is no contract to sign, nothing to pay upfront and you’ll be free to work on your own or join any school of your choice once you qualify.

If you’re thinking of becoming a driving instructor and want to see what the job is really like then browse the links in the “Instructors” tab in the main menu.

I recommend reading through the pages under the “New driving instructors” section. You’ll find pages of useful information and videos showing what it’s really like to be a driving instructor such as the truth about being a driving instructor.

How much does a driving instructor earn?

Many companies will boast about how much a driving instructor can earn to lure you in. Here’s an example of instructor earnings based on earning an average of £700 a week.

Notice how these companies often use the word earn and not the word keep in their advertising. That’s because the most important thing to understand is:

£700 a week is what you earn, not what you keep!

You could have to pay out for many expenses such as:

  • Your car
  • The franchise (the amount you pay a school to be given work)
  • Advertising (if you don’t have a franchise)
  • Your website
  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • Repairs
  • Tyres
  • Tax and national insurance

Those are just the obvious ones, there can be others like dashcams, car washes and losing money from cancelled lessons.

Sometimes your franchise fee will include insurance, repairs and tyres but then it’s likely to cost much more.

What you really earn as a driving instructor

Let’s do some maths to show what £700 a week can actually turn into.

£700 x working 48 weeks of the year =£33,600

Now let’s take out your two main expenses:

The franchise fee of £150 a week x 50 weeks (you often get 2 weeks a year free) = £7,500

Your fuel costs from earning £700 a week will be about £2,800 per year.

Franchise fee + fuel costs = £10,300

Take that £10,300 out of the £33,600 you earned and you’re down to £23,300

You’d pay about £3,500 in tax and national insurance on that so now you’re down to £19,800 which is £412.50 a week if you worked 48 weeks of the year.

You’d also have to pay more tax because of payment on account (you have to pay this year’s tax bill plus some of the next years when you’re self-employed).

£700 a week has become £412.50 a week.

What if the franchise costs more? It’s common for it to be £250 a week which would leave you with £5,000 a year less or £308 a week.

See my page on how much a driving instructor earns for more information.

I will teach you how to make money as a driving instructor

You can see how what looks like a high income very quickly becomes much lower.

That’s all assuming you make £700 a week in the first place, which you often won’t at a driving school where they spread the work as thinly as possible between as many instructors as they can to make more money from franchise fees.

This is what I mean when I say I tell you the truth. There are ways you can earn money as a driving instructor but not by going to a driving school for your training.

I can teach you how to succeed as an independent driving instructor and make good money without throwing it away on a franchise where you’re just lining someone else’s pockets.

Learn more on my page how much does a driving instructor earn?

Pay as you go ADI training in Birmingham

All of my driving instructor training works on a pay as you go basis. There is no deposit to pay and no lump sum at the end – just pay as you go!

Many trainers will not offer this and insist on you paying large sums of money upfront.

No contracts to sign

There is no contract to sign for my training. You are not tied into a franchise, my school, or even continuing your training with me. You’re free to leave any time you like and free to work solo or join a driving school once you qualify.

Can you become a driving instructor in a few months for under £1,000?

Some training providers may tell you that you can become fully qualified within weeks and be earning £40,000 a year immediately. Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor from laughing.

Firstly, be aware that the waiting times for ADI part 2 and 3 tests can be months long. Then consider that few people pass the first time. You also need to know why some training companies would rather you fail than pass. Also, see my page on how much a driving instructor earns to see if you can earn the £40,000 a year (or more) that some companies advertise.

There are no doubt a few exceptions that these companies will roll out to defend themselves but the majority of people will not qualify in a few months for less than £1,000.

Why is the training so cheap? Because they’re tying you into an expensive contract! Click this link to learn more about the true cost of becoming a driving instructor.

What makes me so good at driving instructor training?

I’ve been a driving instructor for 20 years. In that time I have taught over 1,000 learners, sat in on over 400 real driving tests, had multiple check tests and standards checks, driven over 250,000 miles with learners and trained hundreds of driving instructors across the UK both in person and through my videos.

I’m more than just a driving instructor, I’m also a qualified hypnotherapist so I understand how the mind works far more than a normal driving instructor would. This allows me to understand why people do what they do and I will pass some of that knowledge on to you in your training.

I’ve filmed over 600 driving lesson videos that have had over 10 million views on YouTube. Many instructors talk about how great they are yet they don’t have a single video showing themselves working. Why do you think that is?

No instructor can match the crazy adventures and experience I’ve had which have involved:

Now I will pass the learning from those experiences on to you.

Car not classroom

There will be no boring classroom sessions. The training takes place in a car, on the road.

Being a driving instructor involves lots of very practical work so let’s get practical and…practice!

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