Driving lesson guide for my pupils in Birmingham and anyone else.

Driving lessons in Birmingham

Driving lesson guide for pupils

Driving lesson help guide

This directory will help you while you’re taking driving lessons in Birmingham with me.

The videos below show me teaching Lucy to drive over a 42 hour course of lessons. Click the menu button at the top left of the video box below to select the topic you want to see.

Scroll further down this page to see a directory of pages written by me. I’ll go over each subject with video demonstrations included from myself and pupils.



Driving lesson pupil help guide directory

Click on the links below to be taken to pages full of detailed written information on each topic. Each page also contains shorter clips from Lucy’s lesson.

The black links below are topics which don’t have pages on my site but are covered in my YouTube videos. Just search my YouTube channel to find them.


Bay parking


Car controls

Changing up gears

Changing down gears

Clutch control

Gas then clutch or clutch then gas?


Emergency stop

Emerging from junctions

Moving off

Moving off uphill and downhill

Parallel parking

Pulling over/stopping

Right reverse


Beckett’s farm roundabout

Maypole roundabout

Setting the car up

Show me tell me

Three point turn

Turning left

Turning right



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