Driving lesson video series finished!

I’ve just finished the long awaited series of me teaching a pupil to drive from start to finish!

This is the biggest video project I’ve ever done. It took four years to find a pupil that was willing to be filmed and after months of hard work and dozens of hours of editing I can now breathe a huge sigh of relief that it’s finally over.

I’ll be releasing video trailers of it soon but for now you can see the first photo ever released from the series on my home page.

There’s still a little work to be done to get the videos online and available to watch but that’s the easy part. I’ll be releasing details in the future with more facts of how many hours I spent on this series, how much all the equipment cost and the problems encountered along the way.

Now I just have the small matter of moving home to contend with. It’s just one thing after another this summer and you don’t know the half of it yet…

I’ll be releasing four pieces of big news soon. I was going to release them all in the same week with the news of my new website being one of them but I wanted to get my site available as soon as possible for people to benefit from. As for the other news, keep tuned to my YouTube channel for the rest.

Talking of rest, it’s time I had some.

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I'm Paul and I've been giving driving lessons in Birmingham for 20 years now. I've taught over 1,000 people to drive and thousands more through my YouTube videos. Learn more about me on my about page.
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