Driving lesson videos

Driving lesson videos are one of the best ways to learn when you aren’t on a driving lesson.

I have spent hours making over 400 free driving lesson videos for my YouTube channel which have now had over 10 million views!

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My YouTube driving lesson videos can help you learn to drive and take away the fear of the dreaded driving test by showing you what a test is really like.

I was one of the very first driving instructors to make videos for YouTube with my channel launching in May 2008. You can check the date on the about page of my channel.

All of these driving lesson videos are filmed in Birmingham by me. Visit my YouTube channel to see them all.

You’ll see many driving instructors copying my videos but I was on YouTube before any other school.

Driving lessons videos in Birmingham with pupils

I’ve filmed many driving lessons with pupils over the years. Here are some of them:

  • Scott filmed two mock driving tests in Birmingham with me
  • Charlie visit Birmingham to film a show me tell me video and a mock driving test
  • Emma had never driven before and started from the beginning
  • Ella had taken some lessons and started with some experience
  • Archik had already passed his driving test a while ago and took another test
  • Claudia took a lesson after failing a driving test with another school
  • Lucy filmed every single lesson with me from start to finish
  • Adam took a mock driving test in Birmingham the week before his real driving test
  • Prisca had a full driving licence and wanted to improve driving on country lanes
  • Jennifer filmed a mock driving test with me
  • Kelly filmed her first driving lesson with me
  • Aaron was the first pupil I ever filmed a mock driving test with

Driving instructor standards check videos

My videos aren’t just for learner drivers, there are hours of video for driving instructors too.

Idiots on the road

It’s not all serious stuff however. There are lots of funny videos showing the crazy things that happen to me when I’m out teaching. If you thought being a driving instructor was boring then you might change your mind after seeing my videos.

Just have a look to see some of the crazy things that can happen while driving in Birmingham.

  • Members of the public coming up to my car for all sorts of reasons
  • Crazy crashes and road rage
  • General chaos on the roads of the UK

How I got into making driving lesson videos

People often ask me why I make these videos and how I got into it all. It’s because of something that happened to me in 2010.

I was involved in a stupid car crash during a driving lesson in Birmingham. We were sitting at a junction waiting to go and then the car behind drove straight into us. The car behind them drove into the back of them and the car behind that one drove into the back of them!

It was the other drivers’ fault because they were all racing each other. Two of the cars were full of boy racers and the other had a pensioner (that had never grown up) in a souped up car. They all tried to make up a story to somehow make it my fault because they knew they were to blame.

The other drivers got together and started making up a story that the damage was already on my car. They were going to pretend that they hadn’t even been there and this hadn’t happened. Then a woman walking past started screaming and saying she’d been hit by us because she wanted to get some compensation money.

This went on through solicitors for over two years. Because of this I decided I’d had enough and so I invested in my first camera system.

My YouTube adventure begins

I started out using my car CCTV system for protection purposes only. It was just there to make it easier to resolve crashes by proving exactly what had really happened.

I started to put a few funny videos on YouTube. Maybe people might get a laugh from them and it would make my website look better.

I started to get comments saying I should make more videos because they were great. A few subscribers turned into a few hundred and then into a few thousands. After a year or so I was getting thousands of views per day and that’s when my video work really took off.

I started filming tuition videos in Birmingham showing people how to drive and later I started making more funny videos as well. I made more because they were so popular and it grew from there.

One of my first YouTube videos

 The video zone is born

I was getting so popular on YouTube that I was spending hours a day just making videos. As much as I loved doing it, I just couldn’t afford to keep doing it all for free which is why I launched the video zone.

The video zone was a members area of my website where people used to pay a monthly or one-off membership fee. It was originally the only place you could watch Lucy’s lessons and all my standards check videos. It was a great success, in fact more so than I ever expected!

I had been preparing to launch it and had made a video announcing it. As soon as I released that video I drove up Asda to pick up some new socks and slippers because the winter was coming. When I got to the store and checked my phone I was surprised to see I had 7 emails saying that people had joined the video zone.

“How is that possible?” I thought. I hadn’t linked the page anywhere on my site. It turns out that several people had been so keen to watch the videos they had guessed the address of the page with the sign up details on and signed up!

My first house

During my time making the video zone I was very unhappy. I’d recently bought a flat that I just didn’t like and couldn’t see how I was ever going to sell it and get back to living in the area I had left before. I hadn’t moved that far but it was far enough to make me wish I hadn’t done it.

It was thanks to the video zone that I managed to buy my first house. Yes, I made so much money from it I bought a house! I’ll always be proud of that and look back on it as a great time in my life. I helped a lot of people out with my lesson videos and they helped me out by making it possible for me to move.

The future of my driving lesson videos

A year after the video zone launched I decided to release those videos for free on YouTube. I asked everyone that had bought access to the video zone and they were fine with it, they’d had access to the videos for a whole year before anyone else.

I now only make videos for free on YouTube so everyone can benefit from them. If you’d like to be part of it all then come and film a driving lesson video with me.