Driving lessons Alvechurch

Driving lessons in Alvechurch are available with 1stDrive.com

Alvechurch is a great place to learn to drive in thanks to being so close to Birmingham. You have a choice of driving test centres in Redditch, Kings Heath or Cocks Moors Woods leisure centre.

Driving lessons Alvechurch

Alvechurch offers some interesting hazards when driving. There are the steep hills around Alvechurch train station and the small high street with an easily missed mini roundabout.

It’s only a short drive to Redditch and areas of Birmingham such as Kings Norton.

Both these places offer plenty of chances to start off if you’re a beginner. They also have scope to enhance your skills when you’re a more experienced driver.

With Alvechurch being such a small place, it’s somewhere not many driving instructors bother with. It’s just down the road from me though so I do offer driving lessons in Alvechurch

Features of Alvechurch

The high street has a give way system which is quite unusual for the surrounding area of Birmingham.

It’s very easy to understand and offers a great chance to learn something you wouldn’t normally encounter when only driving around Birmingham.

There are also some very tight and twisty country lanes, one of which leads straight up to Beckett’s Farm roundabout. We’ll spend lots of times driving on that roundabout on lessons so you’re lucky (or unlucky!) to be living so close to it.

The main A441 road is also challenging with it’s badly marked roundabout lanes leading to Hopwood park services and the M42.

The same A road gives you the chance to practise pulling into and out of lay-bys onto the busy fast road with vehicles travelling at 70mph.

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