Driving lesson in Barnt Green

Driving lessons in Barnt Green are available with 1stDrive.com

Barnt Green is a quiet and affluent area to the southwestern point of Birmingham. It offers few places to start learning to drive by itself but suitable areas are just a short drive away.

I have taught pupils living here before and it’s a nice change to start somewhere quiet and away from the busy roads of Birmingham.

Driving lessons in Barnt Green

I have been teaching driving lessons in Barnt Green for many years now.

The railway bridge offers a chance to learn about stop signs as you approach from the new housing estate. Stop signs are quite rare around this area so make the most of it!

The old high street is much quieter than others such as Kings Heath. We’ll be travelling to at some point if you start lessons from Barnt Green.

Other features of this area

Leading to the Lickey Hills is a long winding road with some incredibly steep hills. If you can move off on those hills you can move off anywhere!

Leading to Alvechurch in one direction and Birmingham in the other, Barnt Green is ideally placed to start off learning to drive in a quiet place.

Be thankful that you’ll never have to drive home to busy city roads as many pupils do but don’t worry, we’ll cover that too.

Barnt Green train station is ideal to start at if you live closer to Birmingham and want somewhere more peaceful to begin before hitting busy city roads.

Living in this area you’ll probably know about the hidden mini roundabout just before the high street. It’s recently had its signage improved but is a great example of how easy it can be to miss signs.

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