Driving lessons Billesley

Driving lessons in Billesley are available with 1stDrive.com

Billesley, situated in south Birmingham is a place I spend a lot of time due to the one thing it has more of than other areas: roundabouts!

Let’s look at some of the features of Billesley and how your driving lessons there will work.

Driving lessons Billesley

Billesley features many roundabouts both small and medium in size.

When it comes to learning how to drive roundabouts then this is where we’ll likely head.

Billesley has other features too such as an ideal road to get started on due to it being very quiet.

There are some back roads around Wold Walk that often catch people out on their driving test. Can you spot the crossroads or will the examiner have to brake for you?

Being close to Kings Heath means we can head to the busy high street there when you’re ready for it.

Billesley also offers some double mini-roundabouts which cause more than their fair share of confusion. There are also road signs which don’t mean what they say and some very awkward narrow roads with bridges. They can be tricky to cross safely due to a poor view on the approach.

Driving test centres

Billesley is close to two driving test centres: Kings Heath and Cocks Moors Woods.

I recommend using Cocks Moors Woods whenever possible as they have reserved parking for learners and better facilities overall.

There’s nothing wrong with Kings Heath test centre though and the two are very close together being just a 2-minute drive apart.

When you’re ready for a mock driving test then we won’t have far to travel to do it.

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