Driving lessons Birmingham prices

£30 per hour

I’m one of the best, not one of the cheapest.

If you want cheap lessons with a “Five lessons for a fiver!” school using inexperienced, unqualified instructors that focus on passing and not how to drive then I’m not for you.

If you want to learn with someone that has over 20 years experience and uses advanced NLP and hypnosis techniques that other instructors just can’t do, you’re in the right place.

Why don’t I do intro offers like 5 lessons for £50? Find out on my driving lesson offers page.

Watch the video below to really understand why people pay more for driving lessons with me.

Payment methods for driving lessons

I accept payment through bank transfer only. I no longer accept cash because I get charged a fee when I pay cash into my account and keeping large amounts of cash in my house isn’t safe.

I’ll email you the details needed to make payments after your first lesson.

No trick intro offers or price rises

I have one flat rate for everything with no confusing tariffs. Whether it’s a weekend, bank holiday, your driving test or whatever; it’s all charged at the same flat rate.

The price you see above when you book is guaranteed to never increase no matter how long you’re with me.

Driving lesson videos and pupil guide

My driving lesson pupil guide contains over 40 hours of video and pages of written information that can save you time and money on driving lessons.

You can watch me teaching a learner driver, Lucy, from start to finish. That’s like getting all your driving lessons for free! Watch these videos before your driving lessons in Birmingham and we can both save a lot time by getting on with the driving and spending less time talking through things.

You can also read pages of detailed written information on each topic.

I have also made over 400 driving lesson videos on my YouTube channel and they have had over 9 million views. These videos are made by me, Paul, the actual instructor you will have for your lessons. They are filmed in Birmingham in the same areas that you’ll be driving in on your lessons.

These videos won’t work as well if you learn with anyone else because their methods will be different but I do know of instructors that point their own pupils to my videos for reference.

When you are ready for your driving test you can watch my driving test videos showing actual routes from the very test centre you’ll be going from. Many of my pupils say how great it is to be able to watch these on the day of their driving test. Many times I’ve been sitting in driving test waiting rooms waiting for the examiner to come out when pupils and even other instructors have come up to me to say how much my videos have helped.

Why I’m Birmingham’s best

  • I have been teaching driving lessons in Birmingham for 20 years
  • I’m a qualified hypnotherapist so I know understand the mind and how people think and learn much better than someone who is just a driving instructor
  • I’ve taught over 1,000 people to drive
  • I have sat in on hundreds of real driving tests and gained a vast knowledge of what examiners want
  • I’m a fully qualified instructor. Many big driving schools use inexperienced trainee instructors
  • Not only do I teach learners but also I also train driving instructors which takes a high level of skill
  • You’ll get the same instructor (me) for every lesson, not a different one each time from the same school
  • You’ll be supporting a local driving instructor, not a faceless national company making millions
  • No deposit to pay before we meet. Why risk paying before you’ve met your instructor?
  • Prices are fixed at the hourly rate you start on until you pass
  • There’s no contract to sign so there’s no worry of small print or legal catches
  • No driving test fee. Some instructors charge £100 for each test, on top of the usual lesson price
  • No extra cost for weekends, bank holidays or anything
  • I have no sales targets. Some schools encourage instructors to drag lessons out for rewards (I’ve worked there and seen the sales charts!)
  • In-car CCTV protection for you (and me)
  • I use my CCTV to review all driving tests if you don’t pass. Even if I don’t go with you I can still see exactly what happened and help you.
  • I offer weekly or intensive courses to suit your needs

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