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Driving lessons in Birmingham

Driving lessons in Birmingham


Are you looking for driving lessons in Birmingham? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s just me, Paul, working at this driving school and I don’t flood the roads with poorly trained instructors just to make money as many driving schools do.

I am proud to have spent years becoming one of the UK’s most experienced and skilled instructors. Here’s why learning with me is different.


My experience teaching driving lessons in Birmingham

In 15 years of doing driving lessons in Birmingham I’ve experienced many things that most instructors haven’t. I have:

  • Taught over 700 learners to drive since 2003 and taught thousands more through my YouTube videos which have had over 8 million views
  • Sat in on over 300 real driving tests to learn exactly what examiners want
  • Trained dozens of driving instructors in real life and many more online
  • Recorded over 400 free driving lesson videos including teaching a pupil from start to finish over the course of 42 hours
  • Been in several non-fault car crashes on lessons
  • Had my car stolen
  • Been hit in the face in a road rage incident
  • Had my car crushed by a lorry (the driver had no licence)
  • Driven through a tornado and floods on driving lessons
  • Had a brick thrown though my car window the day before my qualifying exam
  • Been assaulted by a vile pupil
  • Survived a car jacking attempt
  • Taken a pupil to hospital with a medical emergency
  • Had several different examiners sit in on lessons and watch me teach
  • Taught in different areas across the UK to grow my experience and knowledge

Driving schools often claim to only have the best instructors but that’s nonsense. Driving schools charge each of their instructors a weekly fee to be supplied with a car and work so the school will take on anyone that pays them. Many are unqualified trainee instructors so how can they claim they’re the best?


My driving lesson videos prove my ability

Lots of driving schools and instructors claim to be the best but it’s just words. “Best instructors, best driving lessons in Birmingham, highest pass rates” blah blah blah.

I have put my money where my mouth is and proven my skill by making over 400 free videos on YouTube that have now had over 8 million views!

Where are the videos from all these instructors claiming to be so good? They may have some videos made by a few instructors at that school but often not from the actual instructor you’ll be learning with.

Even driving test examiners have said how much they enjoyed my videos and I’m very proud of the endless hours of hard work I’ve put into making them.

My videos could save you time and money. You can watch lessons back to go over anything you’re not sure of or look ahead and get a head start on what’s coming up. All on the same roads and with the same instructor – me.

Click here to go to my YouTube channel and watch some of my videos.

Driving lessons Birmingham


The way I teach

One of the most common things I hear pupils saying is how different it feels to learn to drive with me compared to other instructors. I am often being told that they’ve had driving lessons in Birmingham before but it never made sense and somehow with me they just get it.

There’s a reason for that but I’m not going to give it away. Even after watching me teach on video from start to finish I don’t think anyone has ever picked up on what it is I do that’s so different.

Maybe one day I’ll reveal it.


So many instructors copy me

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you take a look at other schools sites you’ll notice some of the pages are the same as mine. Some of their videos are the same and they even say the same things in those videos.

I do find it funny how so many schools call themselves “leading schools” then they just copy everything I do. To lead means others follow you, not that you copy and follow them.

Just look at the dates on my videos, compare them to similar ones from other driving schools which came out weeks after mine and you’ll see what I mean.

When it comes to training people to be instructors, I spent over 10 years developing my instructor training system. Compare that to instructors that qualify today and within a week they’re offering instructor training.

I have now trained many instructors in Birmingham. Even if you choose to learn with someone else, chances are I may have trained that instructor!


The cheapest isn’t the best

Most driving schools desperately flog cheap lessons because they need to feed all of their unqualified instructors. 10 lesson for £99! 20 lessons for a fiver!

If you want cheap and nasty lessons then you’ll have to look elsewhere. If you want to learn with someone who has proven to be one of the best in the business then it’s not going to be cheap.

You get what you pay for in life. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

I do like to help people out though so if money is tight then I offer free driving lessons in return for filming them.


Driving lessons in Birmingham with me

Now you know a bit more about me and what makes me stand out but there’s much more you can learn from this website.

Why not watch some of my videos, check out my prices and learn some driving school secrets? You’ll find all of those things linked in the menu.

If you want driving lessons in Birmingham with me then click here to contact me.







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