Driving lessons Bournville

Driving lessons in Bournville and surrounding areas of Birmingham are available with 1stDrive.com.

Driving lessons Bournville

Bournville is a wonderful area of Birmingham that is famous for its Cadbury’s chocolate factory.

Many quiet back roads between Bournville and Northfield make it a great place to start learning to drive. It’s a fairly quiet area but there are still busy sections to tackle such as the main road leading up to Selly Oak and many crossroads along the A4040 Linden Road.

Heath Road is a good place to start learning how to control a car. It’s usually quiet other than people visiting the Victoria Common park. That estate has many unexpected features and for those of you that start there from the university, I won’t spoil the surprises!

More features of Bournville

There are some very tight back roads just off the main road running through the area, Linden road.

These offer a good chance to practise giving way and understanding traffic flow. Driving in Birmingham you’ll often come across situations where giving way isn’t easy.

It’s not always as simple as giving way if the obstruction is on your side because sometimes both sides are blocked.

What do you do and how do you handle it?

We’ll go over all that and more on your driving lessons so you’ll be able to handle it with ease.

There are some roads leading to nearby Stirchley which take you over traffic light controlled humped back bridges. Not difficult at all but something you don’t see very often.

Bournville also features many very old roads which wind around and through ancient villages. It’s quite picturesque in places and always a pleasant place to drive through.

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