Driving lessons Hollywood

Driving lessons Hollywood

Driving lessons in Hollywood are available with 1stDrive.com.

Hollywood is a leafy and largely rural area to the south western tip of Birmingham. It’s actually not in Birmingham but part of Worcestershire.

Let’s look at some of the features Hollywood has to offer learner drivers.

Driving features of Hollywood

Hollywood has many quiet housing areas which are ideal for new drivers because you can practise moving off and turning corners without having to worry about the very busy roads of Birmingham close by.

We don’t use the same roads too often so we avoid annoying residents. When the turn in the road was on the driving test it was common to see the roads clogged up here with several learners in a row turning at the same time!

Hollywood is a very affluent area with some large houses in secluded spots. It’s a lovely place to drive, walk and live.

There’s a small shopping precinct which offers the chance to practise real-life bay parking at 45 degree angles compared to the 90 degree angles we usually do it at.

The main feature around Hollywood though is one we’ll spend a lot of time on during your lessons.

High speed dual carriageway – A435

The A435 runs along and through the edge of Hollywood.

It’s one of two main roads into Birmingham from the south so it’s always busy with traffic entering Birmingham from the nearby M42 motorway.

It’s easy to drive on dual carriageways but it takes a while to adjust back to low speeds after you’ve been driving quickly.

Beckett’s Farm roundabout

Beckett’s farm roundabout is one of the things most learner drivers hate the most.

I have a whole page dedicated to how to drive Beckett’s farm roundabout to help.

It’s really not that hard if you apply some simple rules and observation because once you do that it’s easy!

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