Driving lessons Kings Heath

Driving lessons in Kings Heath are available with 1stDrive.com

Kings Heath is one of the busiest parts of Birmingham. There is the certainty of traffic jams and busy roads wherever you go.

My experience of teaching people to drive means I can guide you through your driving lessons with the minimum of stress from this busy area.

Driving lessons in Kings Heath

Kings Heath high street is one of the busiest in Birmingham. It is narrow and provides the main gateway to Birmingham city centre from the motorways leading into the city from the south.

The busy crossroads on the Alcester road south (correctly pronounced “Ulster” and not “Al-cester”) provides a challenge for any driver.

Years ago this was the scene of a horrific accident. A tall tree fell onto cars waiting to turn right in the middle of the box junction and killed the drivers.

The junction has been greatly improved since then. It is now wider and the timing of the lights has changed to allow more time to move.

Kings Heath is also the scene of many pedestrian deaths due to drivers being on their phones.

Driving challenges in this area

The very tight and narrow backroads of Kings Heath are far from ideal to start driving lessons! Don’t worry because we’ll go to nearby areas like Kings Norton or Northfield to get started.

Once you’ve got a feel for the car we will head to these back roads because if you live here you’ll be driving them.

The crossroads around Station Road can be almost invisible and easily missed. I missed one of them myself when I was a new driver and almost ended up crashing into a 4×4 passing through.

Kings Heath driving test centre is just down the road as is Cocks Moors Woods driving test centre. Either one is fine to take your driving test from because of their close proximity to each other.

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