Driving lessons Kings Norton

Driving lessons in Kings Norton are available with 1stDrive.com

Kings Norton is one of the most pleasant areas of south Birmingham with it’s historic Green, farmers markets and a great mix of roads.

Driving lessons Kings Norton

There are lots of quiet roads around Kings Norton making it an ideal place to start driving lessons.

If it’s your first lesson then there are many areas we can choose to start in.

From the wide, leafy roads around Beaks Hill Road to the housing estates around The Fairway, this is an ideal location to learn to drive in.

It also has its fair share of tricky roads for when you get more experienced.

Harder Driving lessons Kings Norton

The roundabout at Kings Norton Green is one of the trickiest in the whole of Birmingham.

Five exits pouring onto a small roundabout make getting away tricky for even an experienced driver.

We usually say that planning ahead allows you to avoid being quick. That isn’t an option on this roundabout – you just need to get off quickly because it’s impossible to tell where people are going until the last moment due to the lanes each going multiple ways.

The video below shows you me driving this roundabout and demonstrating how to move off quickly and safely when driving around it.

Other driving challenges in the area

Kings Norton green can be tricky to drive at times. The narrow main road is passable when there are parked cars there – but only just!

The tight winding back roads of The Green are the perfect place to use your clutch control.

There is also the famous Lifford Lane tip to deal with. What a challenge that can be in the summer when the roads are clogged with traffic!

Cotteridge is just up the road and Kings Heath driving test centre and Cocks Moors Woods driving test centre are both just a short drive away.

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