Driving lessons Longbridge

Driving lessons in Longbridge and surrounding areas of Birmingham are available with 1stDrive.com.

This page will give you more details about what it’s like to take lessons in Longbridge and the features this area offers so. you get an idea of what to expect.

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Driving lessons Longbridge

Longbridge features many dual carriageways which are missing in many surrounding areas.

Driving from Longbridge town centre towards Northfield can be tricky. The speed limit changed to 30 mph from 40 mph in 2019 but many drivers ignore the new limit, and the old one!

This makes it hard to correctly maintain your lane discipline. If you see an object ahead of you then you should just be able to change lanes and go around it. That’s one point of speed limits: to make it easy to change lanes by knowing that nobody can be going faster because you’re already driving at the limit.

With that being theory and not reality, you need to be ready at all times.

Other features of Longbridge

The roundabout outside Bournville college is great to show you an example of lesser-used lane layouts.

The left lane goes right on this roundabout the same as the right lane does. You’ll learn why this is and when to use which lane on your lessons.

The A38 then leads up to Rubery and Rednal and I wonder if you’ll fall for the trick along that road? It catches out many drivers and you’ll see what it is on your lessons!

Longbridge town centre

Longbridge town centre is a unique place in Birmingham because it features a shared space system.

This is where cars, pedestrians and cyclists all share the same ground. There are very faintly marked roundabouts and pavements but the idea is to make people more careful.

Does it work? See what you think in my video showing you this shared space in action.

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