Driving lessons Northfield

Driving lessons in Northfield are available with 1stDrive.com

Northfield in south Birmingham has many great areas to learn to drive in thanks to it’s leafy suburban location.

If it’s your first driving lesson then we can head to the quiet back roads of the Cadbury estate. There are plenty of long, wide roads which are great for you to get a feel for the car.

There are a number of hills to practise clutch control on as well as some very tight country lanes.

When you’re a more experienced driver then Northfield has plenty of more challenging roads to offer.

Driving lessons Northfield

The A38 runs through the heart of Northfield town centre and offers a great chance to learn about dual carriageways.

The Isaac Tongue junction on the A38 through Northfield has an eccentric design which offers you the chance to practise your skills of lane changing, spotting bus lanes and bus-only roads.

Driving lessons in Northfield give you a rare chance to turn right at busy crossroads. There are not as many light controlled crossroads in surrounding areas.

One of these right turns is on a crossroads where one of the roads is named Hanging Lane. It got that name due to it being where they used to hang people found guilty of crimes many years back. It’s thought they did it at crossroads so more people would see it and be wary of committing crimes themselves. Rumour has is that if you look closely at the old tree on the corner of this crossroads you can still see the rope marks.

The long dual carriageways of Northfield lead down to Longbridge as you can see in the video below.

Northfield high street

Northfield high street has been the scene of many car crashes because of poor road design. The strange layout of the Black Horse junction is easy to get wrong and results in more than it’s fair share of accidents.

Just crossing the road at that junction can mean taking your life into your hands!

The problem comes from the way that they have placed the traffic lights. Many drivers, even experienced ones, totally miss the fact that there are several sets of lights one after another.

They only see the one set and miss the others which is why there are so many crashes there.

With my 20 years experience of driving lessons and having lived around this area all my life, you’ll soon be driving it safely and knowing what to look out for.

The waves of Northfield

There’s a road in Northfield which leads to Bartley Green and it’s one of the most annoying roads in Birmingham for me.

I call it the waves because it’s like surfing up and down a series of waves. The road weaves up and down along a dual carriageway with a series of roundabouts which is where the problems start.

Both lanes go ahead at most of the roundabouts but the left lane is often blocked by parked cars. This makes it hard for anyone sticking to the speed limit to get over into the right lanes because of drivers speeding past.

Your view is restricted by dead ground – areas you can’t see because they are blocked by the hill. As you come over the hill you can often find people running over the road in front of you.

Speed camera vans are often seen on these waves since the speed limit was cut from 40mph to 30mph.

The Northfield Witch

If you enjoyed The Blair Witch Project then check out The Northfield witch! It’s a locally made film, shot and produced in Northfield, Birmingham (it’s actually shot in Bartley Green, just up from Northfield, but Bartley Green witch doesn’t sound as good!). You might even pass some of these areas on your driving lessons with me so watch out…

Areas of Birmingham close to Northfield

There are many area around Northfield that we’ll visit on driving lessons.

The great thing about Birmingham is that you get to travel through lots of different towns all stuck together.

From Northfield we can easily travel to the wide open roads of Hawksley which are even more ideal to start on than those found in Northfield itself.

Busy areas such as Selly Oak are just a short drive away along busy duial carriageways. Selly oak is the main student area of Birmingham due to Birmingham uni being located there.

Nearby Longbridge offers an unusual roundabout to drive which involves turning right from the left lane. It’s not that unusual when you drive across the whole of the UK but it’s not a common feature in south Birmigham.

Kings Norton is a short drive away and offers some lovely old areas to drive through such as The Green; an ancient army camp where the King’s soldiers would wait before going into battle. That’s why there’s a road there called Camp lane, it’s where the soldiers used to camp.

If you learn to drive from Northfield then you’re going to get to see all sorts of things to help you prepare for driving on your own.

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I’ve taught over 1000 people to drive in this area so it’s fair to say I know it like the back of my hand!

I could probably drive the area blindfolded but that wouldn’t be a good idea.

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