Driving lesson in Selly Oak

Driving lessons in Selly Oak are available with 1stDrive.com.

Selly Oak is a very busy and crowded area of Birmingham which makes it far from an ideal place to start driving lessons.

Don’t worry though because my 20 years of experience as a driving instructor means I know every single road for miles around. We’ll drive somewhere quieter like Northfield or Kings Norton to begin with.

Driving lessons in Selly Oak

Selly Oak is a bustling and busy area thanks to the University of Birmingham being situated there.

The tight roads of the area like Heeley road and Tiverton road challenge even experienced drivers. You can see some of these tight roads in the picture of the top of this page.

There is simply no room at all and you can barely squeeze two cars past if you’re both driving at 1mph. Unbelievably, these roads are on bus routes so it’s common to see buses and cars getting stuck head-on with nowhere to go.

Not really selling this to you am I?

Don’t worry because my car has a neat trick you can use for narrow roads. My knowledge of the area also ensures we can take the best route out of the area at all times.

The way you get around this problem is to look way ahead and always have somewhere in mind where you can pull in and give way. If all else fails you just have to do some very long reversing and hope you don’t get one of those drivers behind that refuses to help and sits there blowing the horn hoping that’ll make the traffic vanish.

Other features of Selly Oak

The famous Selly Oak triangle changed in 2019. It was a horrific junction where every road came together at the same time right outside a shopping centre.

The solution to this was to build another shopping centre and a terrible roundabout where the lanes make no sense.

They also built Birmingham’s main hospital, Queen Elizabeth, there too. You have to wonder what these people planning roads are thinking when they make these designs.

You’ll learn to handle all this in your driving lessons. If you can drive in Selly Oak then you’ll be able to drive anywhere.

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