Driving lessons south Birmingham

Driving lessons in South Birmingham are available with 1stDrive.com.

South Birmingham consists of several areas of Birmingham including Northfield, Kings Heath, Kings Norton and Selly Oak. It covers an area of many square miles from the leafy suburbs to crowded city streets

I having been teaching driving lessons in this area for 20 years so I know all there is to know about the roads.

Driving lessons south Birmingham

Consider yourself lucky to be taking driving lessons in south Birmingham because it offers a wide variety of road conditions.

Learning to drive in this area means that you’ll get to cover almost every situation you could come across including:

  • Quiet housing areas
  • Busy high streets
  • High and normal speed dual carriageways
  • Large roundabouts
  • Country lanes
  • Motorways

Areas of south Birmingham

There are plenty of quiet areas to start lessons in which are linked to busier areas by country lanes and national speed limit roads.

Kings Heath high street is a great place to practise once you get better at driving. Good clutch control is essential and there are many hazards to looks out for.

Selly Oak is another area which challenges even experienced drivers with it’s tight back roads which can be almost impassable at time. Travelling past Birmingham University and through the main Selly Oak triangle is a great chance to build on your awareness and planning skills.

Northfield has plenty of dual carriageways with the left lane often blocked by parked cars and buses. The Cadbury estate close by can offer a welcome quiet area to start in to escape from those busier roads. It’s abundance of crossroads is also a blessing as other nearby areas lack them.

Kings Norton is the best part of the whole of Birmingham to learn in. Many instructors travel from miles around just to start there because it’s an ideal place for learner drivers. How lucky you are to live around this area!

So wherever you are in south Birmingham you’re never far from a great place to learn to drive.

South Birmingham driving test centres

South Birmingham has two driving test centres: Kings Heath and Cocks Moors Woods.

The two centres are almost next to each other. Cocks Moors Woods was opened in 2018 to relieve pressure from the crowded Kings Heath test centre because of test waiting time but it remains open to this day.

I prefer going from Cocks Moors Woods because of it’s car park and facilities. Kings Heath test centre has no reserved parking spaces for learners and no toilets which can be awkward when people are nervous just before their test!

It’s up to you which you go from but I recommend Cocks Moors Woods.

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