Driving puzzle games

Driving puzzle games

Driving puzzle games where you pit your wits against my fiendish driving themed puzzles, riddles and murder mystery style whodunits.

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Driving puzzle games questions

Buckle up and do your best to get the right answer.

It’s not always as obvious as you may think!

Puzzle 1: Invincible car

Name the part of a car which on paper seems the strongest by far.

It can hit pedestrians at any speed but will not make them cry or bleed.

You can drive this into a wall; there’ll be no damage, the bricks won’t fall.

Wind will not cause it to break and it can move from under the heaviest weight.

No matter whether on a Fiesta or Ferrari, this part of the car always comes free.

Sometimes seen but never heard, name this part: what is the word?

Puzzle 2: Energetic examiner

An examiner was out on a driving test when the car broke down. He wanted to be back at the test centre in time to do the next test to avoid anyone else having their big day ruined.

The driving test examiner exited the vehicle and out of frustration he kicked a front tyre with his shiny brand new leather shoes. All that did was spray dirty blobs of mud over his previously clean work shirt, trousers and shoes. He sighed and weighed up his options to get to the test centre on time.

All local public transport and taxis were on strike. Even so, there was no time to wait for a taxi or hope a passing instructor would offer him a lift. His only option was to run for it.

The sat nav was working perfectly and showed that he was 3.2 miles from the test centre. A glance at his watch told him he had 25 minutes to get back to be on time for the next test. The examiner knew from running at weekends that these days he could reach a top running speed of 8 mph.

The examiner packed up the sat nav in it’s carry case, picked up his marking folder and set off running along the road, leaving the pupil with the vehicle.

Would he make it back on time?

Puzzle 3: Catch me if you can

A driving instructor was driving a small car on a motorway in England when he saw a speed camera coming up ahead.

He looked down at the needle on his speedo which read 95. He continued at that speed past the camera and wasn’t caught speeding.

The camera was turned on, facing him in his lane and was working perfectly. His speedo was 100% accurate and nothing about his car was illegal such as hiding the plates or using anything to evade cameras.

How come he wasn’t caught speeding?

Puzzle 4: Street race

It was 2 a.m and a group of instructors and examiners were taking part in a street race around the roads of Birmingham.

As Pete rounded a corner he accelerated and passed Terry who was in 2nd place.

What place was Pete in now?

Puzzle 5: The tired teacher

A driving instructor was travelling along a road after a long week of work. He was tired and just wanted to get home.

As he looked behind him and saw the police he momentarily lost concentration. He went up the pavement and bumped into a pedestrian. He then went the wrong way round a roundabout and through a red light.

The police saw all of this, took no notice and did nothing.

Why didn’t the police do anything?

Puzzle 6: A hole lot of trouble

An examiner walked out the back of a driving test centre to take a break between driving tests. He saw another examiner digging a hole and asked him what he was doing.

“I’m sick of these sat-nav’s.” said the examiner. “I’m burying mine so I don’t have to use it.”

The other examiner agreed it was a great idea, grabbed a spade and helped him dig.

If it takes one examiner ten minutes to dig one hole, how long does it take two examiners to dig half a hole?

Puzzle 7: The car crash

Gary was driving his car with Carl, his son, sitting next to him. Gary lost control of the car and they crashed, killing Gary but Carl survived.

Carl was rushed to hospital. In the operating room the surgeon looked at him in horror and said “This is my son!”.

How can that be?

Driving puzzle games answers

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