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Birmingham driving school franchise


A driving school franchise with 1stDrive.com can put you the driving seat of your own successful business. You get the benefits of working at a driving school without having to join one.

How my franchise works

I supply you with pupils and you pay just £20 for each one.

  • No intro offers that cost you and the pupils dearly
  • No weekly or monthly fee to pay
  • Run a school under your own name, someone else’s or mine
  • No contract. You can leave and come back at any time with no fees
  • No minimum term or tie-in period.
  • Nothing to pay up front and you only pay once the pupil has had a lesson

I also offer a weekly driving school franchise which offers an unlimited supply of pupils for a set weekly rate.


 I don’t have to join your school?

If you want to join me at 1stDrive.com then that’s great but you don’t have to. My franchise is designed to help every instructor regardless of their situation.

Instead you could keep your own school name or even work for another school. You choose your own car, work whenever and wherever you like. I just do the hardest bit of supplying pupils that want top quality lessons.


You’ll help me grow my own driving school?

Yes, you can use my franchise to grow your own driving school without the stress of going it alone, building a website and spending thousands on advertising.

I’ve gained a lot of experience in my 15 years a driving instructor and I can use that to help you be successful and avoid the mistake I made.

During my career as a driving instructor I have:

  • Taught over 700 learners in person and helped thousands online
  • Sat in on over 300 real driving tests
  • Trained hundreds of driving instructors
  • Been in car crashes on lessons and tests including write-offs
  • Been physically assaulted in a road rage attack
  • Had my car stolen
  • Passed many check tests and standards checks
  • Worked at national schools for 2 years and run my own school for 13 years

You can see all these things and more by clicking here to  watch my YouTube videos.

If you want to find out more about Paul, the instructor behind 1stDrive.com, then you can find out more about me by clicking here to read my story of why and how I became a driving instructor.


No intro offers for pupils?

I have spent 15 years growing a strong reputation for quality driving lessons. Pupils that come to 1stDrive.com want the best lessons, not the cheapest lessons.

Many driving schools focus on beating each other on price and It’s a race to the bottom to see who can earn the least. The worst part of all this, for pupils and instructors, is intro offers like 5 hours for £50 or 10 hours for £100.

Schools only have these offers because they have taken on too many instructors and they desperately need lots of pupils to feed them all. Quality goes out the window and it’s all about quantity.

It may seem like it’s unfair on the pupil to have no intro offers. The truth is that intro offers are often just scams and end up costing pupils more.

The pupil has paid £100 for 10 hours but not the first 10 hours. They’ve paid ahead for hours 10 and 11, 15 and 16 etc. Between those hours they have to pay a higher rate and if they don’t take that many lessons then the school keeps the money.

These offers are called “hooks” because they’re designed to hook people in and then rip them off. Pupils can understandably become furious when they learn this and remember it’ll be you as the instructor that has to break this news to them. Good luck with that.

None of that happens at 1stDrive.com because pupils pay a fixed price from lesson one. They learn, you earn and everyone knows where they stand. Or sit.


How pay per pupil can save you money

Most driving school franchises charge you a weekly fee for being supplied with work. That’s great but what if you get no work? You still pay the fee. What if you’re ill? You still pay the fee. This seemingly cost effective way of working can end up costing you a lot of money.

With pay per pupil you never have those worries because you’ll never pay for work you haven’t got.

In my 15 years of being a driving instructor I have found that a instructor will need around 40 pupils per year. If you pay £20 for 40 pupils then that’s just £800 in a whole year which is roughly the same as paying £16 a week for a franchise. Even if you have 50 pupils that’s only £1000 in a year. Compare that to paying £2400 a year if you paid £50 per week for 48 weeks on a weekly franchise.

You don’t me pay a penny until AFTER the pupil has had their first lesson. It’s highly uncommon for pupils to have one lesson and never come back (I’ve had this once in 15 years) but even if they do you’ve still made something.

Pay per pupil is as fair as it gets and that’s why it’s my preferred way of running a franchise. If you really want a weekly franchise then just click here for details of my weekly driving school franchise.


The requirements for joining

Most driving schools will take on any instructor as long as they pay the franchise fee. They put the instructors first and don’t care about the pupils at all because they earn nothing from them. That’s not how it works at 1stDrive.com.

Once you’ve joined I will be asking pupils what they think of their lessons and you’ll need to have good feedback to keep being supplied with pupils. We all get crazy pupils now and then (I’ve had them myself!) but if every pupil is saying you kept turning up late, you were using your phone during lessons etc. then I won’t offer you any more work.

Don’t worry, it’s not like going for a job interview but I do have standards. I don’t mind your driving instructor grade because any experienced instructor knows how little they mean. I also don’t mind how many years you’ve been doing the job but it does matter to me that pupils are happy and the lessons are of high quality.

Even if you’re working under your own name it’s important to me that any pupil coming to you through my site has a good experience. If that’s not important to you as well then it should be.

The things that don’t matter to me are your age, race, religion, language or anything else like that. People of all backgrounds are welcome at 1stDrive.com and you can teach auto, manual, petrol, diesel or whatever.


Find out more

My driving school is based in Birmingham and I really want to find more instructors here to start with. I am looking at taking on instructors across the UK though so feel free to contact me wherever you are. To find out more you can fill in the form below and I’ll usually reply within 24 hours.

If the form isn’t showing then try refreshing the page or you can email me directly through [email protected].

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Driving school franchise in Birmingham


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