Driving test hacks UK

Here are some driving test hacks that will let you pass your driving test more easily.

With the rise of the internet has come a wave of self-proclaimed experts that churn out misinformation and only make passing your driving test harder.

Let one of the UK’s most experienced and respected driving instructors set the record straight. Here are some simple driving test hacks to make passing much easier!

Driving test hacks UK

First of all, what is a hack?

The phrase hack just means “to make something easier”. None of these things are illegal, immoral or against the rules.

That leads us nicely to the first point!

Forget about driving test secrets and “things instructors don’t tell you” videos

I’ve watched many videos about so-called driving test secrets and things driving instructors won’t tell you. They all share one thing in common – they’re all rubbish!

There is no “secret” to passing the driving test. Why would your instructor not tell you something that would help you pass? These videos are just titled like that to shock you and draw you in so they make loads of money from them. I didn’t even want to call this page “hacks” for fear of being like them but that’s just what people look for.

Don’t listen to any of these stupid videos about learning secret methods or things you can say or do to impress the examiner.

I’ll tell you right now the only thing that will impress the examiner – good driving!

Focus on learning how to drive and don’t look for any gimmicky secret method because there isn’t one.

Take your driving test at the centre of YOUR choice

One of the best things you can do to make your driving test easier is to take it in an area that you know well.

I often have pupils leave comments on my YouTube channel saying that their instructor made them go to a centre miles away from the area they live in.

Why? Usually because it suits them. It’s your test, not theirs so choose one that suits YOU!

Never listen to any rubbish about the routes being harder at one test centre, a nasty examiner working there or anything else.

Take your test where you feel comfortable and you’ll massively increase your chance of passing.

Focus on the mental side of driving not just the physical

The biggest reason for failing the driving test is nerves.

Sure, people may be marked down and fail on parking, observation etc. but those things are all caused by nerves.

Where many driving instructors go wrong is that they focus on fixing the problem and not the cause of the problem. There is no point in working on parking over and over again if you know exactly how to do it but your nerves are getting in the way.

I can help you with this because I specialise in helping people overcome driving test nerves without you even having to leave your home! That’s right, I can help you pass your driving test without us ever meeting. See that page linked above for more info.

If you think that you’re just stuck with nerves and that’s how you are then you are wrong. Confidence is not something some people have and others don’t, you just need to get your mind sorted and it’s easy!

Over practice

The second biggest reason for failing your driving test after nerves is simply not being ready for it.

If you can’t drive a whole lesson without your instructor saying almost nothing then you are wasting your time going for a driving test.

Tell your instructor you want to drive in silence, totally unaided. No talking, no chit-chat, only what’s essential. You can follow a sat nav or use road signs to go somewhere your instructor names.

If your instructor has to step in and say anything then you aren’t ready. Even something as little as them saying “gear…” could remind you of something you would have otherwise forgotten and could have caused big trouble.

If you skimp and save on lessons then you will likely just keep failing time and time again. I’ve known pupils waste hundreds of pounds on driving tests because they just weren’t ready.

Listen to what the examiner says

Driving test examiners help you far more than you might think. The problem is that the help often flies over the head of the learner and they don’t even notice it!

Here’s a classic example: “At the VERY end of the road turn left. The VERY end”.

What clue are they giving you there? They’re telling you that there is something, most likely another road, before the end. They’re making it as clear as they can without telling you (which they’re not supposed to do) but so many people just don’t pick up on it.

The learner driver then signals too early, passes a junction with a signal on and they just failed.

Here’s another example: the examiner keeps turning and looking over their shoulder in an exaggerated way each time you move off. They might do that anyway to check but once I was in the car with an examiner that was clearly making it obvious to the pupil that they needed to check their blind spot before moving off (and coughing as they did so). The pupil missed the clue and at the end of the test the examiner said: “I was doing all I could to help you!”.

More driving test hacks

I know that those driving test tips will help you if you take note of them.

Everyone wants a magic solution, a quick fix where just wave a magic wand and they pass. That won’t happen so get real and get good at driving!

To learn even more driving test hacks then see my page on common driving test mistakes and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see hundreds of free driving test videos.