Congestion showing the need electric cars

Electric car driving lessons may seem like a good idea but you need to know all of the facts first.

On this page, I look at a few things you need to know before taking driving lessons in an electric car or hybrid.

I do not offer electric car driving lessons but from 2030 it will be illegal to sell a new petrol or diesel car in the UK. That means it’s only a matter of time before everyone is using them.

Electric cars and driving tests

You will only get an automatic driving licence if you pass in an electric car.

That means you can drive any automatic vehicle, electric or not, but not manual cars.

There is no such thing as a manual electric car. Technically they’re not even automatic as they have no gears at all.

Electric cars for driving lessons can be worse for the environment

Many people choose an electric vehicle because of concerns over pollution and the environment.

Did you know that some electric cars can cause more dangerous pollution than diesel cars?

Hybrid cars, ones that run on petrol and are only partly electric, create dangerous emissions known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These emissions may cause cancer and studies are now looking into just how bad this problem is.

Diesel was said to be cleaner than petrol in the early 2000s. Then it was discovered that although diesel cars emit less CO2, they emit far more other dangerous gases! This came too late for the millions that had rushed to get a diesel.

VOC research is in its infancy but this is a very important thing to watch out for in the future.

It will be illegal to sell new hybrid cars in the UK from 2035.

The 20/80 problem

Manufacturers recommend driving their electric vehicles with a charge of between 20% to 80%.

Ignore this advice and your battery will die sooner, something you’ll want to avoid with a new battery costing thousands of pounds!

This can be incredibly frustrating when driving an electric car at all, never mind in lessons.

Imagine what it will be like to have to end a lesson early because the car needs charging. Imagine what would happen if you were on the way to your driving test!

Even with a rapid charger, you may not be near one and there are often queues for them which rarely happens with traditional fuel.

Are electric car driving lessons a good idea?

It’s up to you.

Be aware of the limitations above and if you’re not sure just stick to a traditional manual car.

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