Fear of driving downhill

Fear of driving downhill is a common problem that I work with all the time.

I’m going to explain where the fear of driving downhill comes from and how you can get rid of it. Yes, you can overcome it and enjoy driving downhill like you used to!

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Fear of driving downhill – where does it come from?

Your fear of driving downhill comes from your subconscious mind linking an experience with driving down a hill. The experience most likely has nothing to do with driving at all. That’s why you can’t find the memory and change it.

This can be anything at all from a job interview, an argument or tripping over a kerb. Yes, I know that sounds silly and that’s the whole point. Your subconscious mind is being silly and getting it wrong!

Imagine that you once lost your job shortly after driving downhill. Your mind then thinks that driving down a hill will always result in you losing your job. It’ll do everything it can to stop you driving on hills because it thinks it’s helping.

We know it isn’t helping but your mind links things like that which is why dreams are so weird.

Have you ever had a weird dream? That’s your subconscious mind talking to you so now you realise how weirdly it thinks.

Thankfully I understand the strange ways the mind works so I can help you talk to it and make the changes you want.

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How to fix the problem

Getting rid of the fear of driving downhill is about finding the root cause and showing your mind that it’s making a mistake.

It’s not quite as easy as that but don’t worry, my job is to guide you along the way. You have the problem but you also have the answer.

I do all of my work online so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. It can take as little as one session (around 90 minutes) to overcome the problem but it usually takes two or three sessions.

Just know that you can and will get rid of this issue. Even if you can’t find the original cause of it then there are other methods we can use. No matter how we do it, you can be driving downhill without anxiety in no time at all.

You may feel emotional when clearing this problem. Not everyone experiences this but for some, there can be a big release of energy when you realise what the problem is and how it’s been holding you back. It’s common for people to cry or laugh, sometimes even after the session has finished!

If you don’t have a reaction like that then don’t worry, everyone is different.

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Fear of driving down steep hills

The fear of driving down steep hills is really the same as any other kind of hill.

Do you feel that the car is pulling to one side? Does the car feel like it’s tipping over? Do you feel like the car is slipping, skidding or sliding? Yep, I’ve heard it all before!

You might read in some places that this is a really hard problem to fix and that you can’t get rid of it. That’s nonsense, they just don’t know how to get rid of it.

As we mentioned before, driving downhills can be caused by anything at all. People that insist it can’t be helped normally just go through all the standard things like thinking back to if you ever had a car crash on a hill or if you ever drove too fast down a hill and had anxiety from that.

Nobody is born with a fear of driving down steep hills. Like all other fears and phobias of elevators, spiders and snakes, the fear of driving down steep hills is something you have learnt.

If you have learnt it then you can unlearn it!

Is it anything to do with a fear of heights?

People sometimes think fear of driving downhill must be linked to a fear of heights but my experience shows otherwise.

Yes, it can be that it’s all to do with heights but only if you’re afraid of hills in all situations. If it’s only when you’re driving then fear of heights is unlikely to be the cause.

A fear of heights is one of two natural fears we’re all born with, the other being a fear of loud noises. You can still beat the problem if it is caused by heights by simply turning down the fear.

You can’t get rid of a fear of heights completely because it’s something we need to keep us safe. Even when we fix driving anxiety, you’ll still feel some natural fear that anyone would when driving otherwise you could be driving dangerously without even knowing it! It just won’t be overwhelming like it is now.

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I hope this page has helped you, even if you decide not to work with me. You can conquer this fear and get on with your life. You just have to decide that you’re not letting it hold you back anymore.