Fear of driving on motorways

Fear of driving on motorways is common and something you can easily overcome.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had it for a week or 30 years, fixing it is as simple as understanding what causes it and how to reverse that.

Let’s start by looking at what the problem really is.

These videos explain more about the fear of driving on motorways

Panic attacks while driving on motorways

Were you driving one day when you suddenly had a panic attack on a motorway?

Did it come out of nowhere and make no sense because you’ve been driving for years without issues?

The feeling seems so strange and out of place because it is! What’s happening is that you’re reliving an old experience now, in a time that it doesn’t belong to.

This can sound odd at first but it also explains why no amount of driving will fix it – your problem has nothing to do with driving.

What causes a fear of motorway driving?

Anything except driving!

Driving is just a symptom; how the real problem is showing itself.

Your real problem comes from pressure building up throughout your life which has now been linked to driving. Think of it like a trapped emotion that wants to get out and it does that by giving you a fear of driving.

There can be other reasons but a trapped emotion from the past is the most common cause.

I’ve known a fear of driving on the motorway be caused by a tent, a train station and karaoke. If that sounds crazy then watch the video below which explains how your subconscious mind works and it’ll all start to make sense.

Watch someone who had a fear of driving on motorways

This video shows me going for a drive with someone after they overcame their fear of motorway driving.

It can look like just a normal video of two people driving but when you know the story behind this, it becomes incredible!

The driver had a huge phobia of driving on motorways and had at one point had a panic attack which resulted in them dangerously slowing down when in the fastest-moving lane.

She had not driven a car for over a year and even then it was an automatic car, not a manual car as she was driving here. There was also a fear of being passed by lorries and being distracted by noise.

She thought that she’d never drive again yet here she is driving through as many distractions as we could add; high and long motorway bridges, the sat nav shouting out directions, me talking to her, her talking back, lots of wind noise, driving around Spaghetti Junction (the most confusing motorway section in the UK), and she did all of that in a manual car! The remarkable change you see here is all done with hypnosis.

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Why the fear of motorway driving can seem impossible to fix

Spending 20 years as a driving instructor brought me into contact with many people who had a fear of motorway driving.

I never understood why people were scared when I was only a driving instructor. My idea was that forcing people onto the motorway would just knock the fear out of them. I used brute force with gentle persuasion to help them overcome their fear.

That’s what most driving instructors do and while it can seem to work, it doesn’t. All it does is move the problem elsewhere. Instead of a fear of driving on motorways, you might develop a fear of driving over bridges. It won’t always be a driving issue, sometimes you’ll develop a whole new problem elsewhere in your life!

Driving is just the symptom of how another problem is showing itself. If you make the classic mistake of working on the symptom then you’ll never be free of the real problem.

How I can help you when others can’t

My unique mix of driving instruction experience and hypnosis skills make me the number one choice for anxious drivers.

We can often get a result in one session thanks to my experience. I understand exactly what causes driving anxiety and don’t waste time talking about all the things that don’t cause it like car crashes and bad experiences when driving.

A common misconception many people have is that therapists have some secret power to heal others. Some therapists even believe that themselves but that isn’t how it works. Expecting someone else to fix this for you will only lead to failure.

You have the solution to your problem, not me. My job is to guide you to that solution by using the appropriate methods. How long it takes to fix, and even if you get a result at all, is up to you and not me.

How it feels to drive on a motorway after hypnotherapy

It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit anxious when you start your journey. You’ll soon find that the problems you used to experience just don’t happen.

What you do in therapy is disconnect the emotions you feel when driving. The trigger (the motorway) will still be there but it won’t produce any feeling or it will be massively reduced.

Many clients have said it’s an odd but lovely feeling to be back to driving just how they used to! If you’ve never felt comfy driving you’re in for a big surprise when you experience it for the first time.

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