Picture of a motorcyclist riding a bike

Fear of riding a motorcycle, Motorcyclophobia, is a common problem that has nothing to do with riding a bike.

Hundreds of instructors think they can help people with riding anxiety only to be shocked when they discover the truth. I know because I was one of them!

Let’s look at what causes a fear of motorbikes and how to overcome it, without even riding a bike.

Why you have a fear of riding a motorcycle

Your fear of riding a motorcycle has nothing to do with confidence, skill, a crash or riding.

This is where many instructors go wrong: they focus on the symptom instead of the real issue.

In the same way that sneezing is a symptom of you having a virus, fear of riding a motorbike is a symptom of another problem.

This is why it is pointless to book riding lessons with instructors. They mean well but totally miss the point of the problem and waste hours going out riding thinking it’s all about giving you more knowledge and practise.

You can practise all you want but the real problem will remain!

The real cause of a fear of riding motorbikes

If riding a bike isn’t the real problem then what is?


That’s right, it can be anything at all from your whole life. I work with people all over the world and it is never anything they think it will be.

I have known the cause to be a pet dog, moving home and a lost hairband.

Events involving these things create an unpleasant emotion that stays in your mind.

That emotion then comes out when riding a bike and that’s why the fear of riding bikes can be so baffling; the initial cause has nothing to do with riding bikes!

You’re experiencing a feeling from the past in the present. This emotion used to have a purpose but it’s got mixed up and is still faithfully doing its job years later for no logical reason.

This misplaced emotion is trapped and needs to be released.

How to overcome fear of riding a motorcycle

The best way to overcome your fear of riding a motorcycle is to have professional therapy with someone who understands the problem and knows what they are doing.

I spent over 20 years as a driving instructor and helped hundreds of people through anxiety the best I could. It was only when I trained in hypnotherapy that I truly understood what I was doing. I laughed at the old methods I had used of reassuring people and teaching them how to drive (or ride, it’s all the same thing to your mind).

I sometimes hear from people saying that they overcame the fear just by riding. Unfortunately, I also hear from people who did that and the problem returned 10 years later!

If you don’t dig out all of the reasons, because there is nearly always more than one, then it can be enough to mask the problem for a while. This may last for years but like a weed in the garden that you don’t properly take care of, it’ll just come back if you don’t rip it right out by the root.

Whether it’s a car, bike or any other form of vehicle is irrelevant. How to find the cause and overcome it remains the same.

You can do all of this online from the comfort of your own home.

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