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Fear of riding a motorcycle, Motorcyclophobia, is a common problem that has nothing to do with riding a bike.

Hundreds of instructors think they can help people with riding anxiety only to be shocked when they discover the truth. I know because I was one of them!

Let’s look at what causes a fear of motorbikes and how to overcome it, without even riding a bike.

Why you have a fear of riding a motorcycle

Your fear of riding a motorcycle has nothing to do with confidence, skill, a crash or riding.

This is where many instructors go wrong: they focus on the symptom instead of the real issue.

In the same way that sneezing is a symptom of having a virus, fear of riding a motorbike is a symptom of another problem.

This is why it is pointless to book riding lessons with instructors. They mean well but miss the point of the problem and waste hours going out riding thinking it’s all about giving you more knowledge and practice.

You can ride all you want but the real problem will remain!

The real cause of a fear of riding motorbikes

There’s a thing inside your head called an Amygdala, more commonly known as the fight/flight response.

Your amygdala is constantly looking for danger and gives you a feeling of panic to alert you of something it sees as a threat.

Throughout life, we all collect bad experiences such as arguments, relationship problems and financial worries. These things stress your amygdala just like you’d stress a muscle if you used it too often.

Once stressed, your amygdala is firing off danger signals because it can’t close down. It’s seeing danger everywhere at the slightest thing.

That’s why you now get scared when riding when it used to be fun.

The good news is that you can fix this and go back to how you were.

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How to overcome the fear of riding a motorcycle

The best way to overcome your fear of riding a motorcycle is to find what’s causing your amygdala to fire up so easily.

You find them by using hypnosis to access your subconscious mind where they live.

If you’re thinking that you can’t be hypnotised or you don’t believe in all that stuff then don’t worry because I was once the same.

I spent over 20 years as a driving instructor and helped hundreds of people through anxiety the best I could. I was a very practical person who thought people with problems just needed to toughen up and push through with exposure therapy.

Then I went and trained in hypnotherapy and laughed at what I used to believe.

Read my page on how to overcome driving anxiety for more info.

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