Free driving lessons in Birmingham with a leading driving instructor

Driving lessons in Birmingham

Free driving lessons


You can get free driving lessons by helping me film driving lesson videos.

By making videos with me you’ll be helping thousands of people learn how to drive every year. My most popular YouTube videos such as common driving test mistakes get around 1,000 views per day. In total my videos have had over 5 million views!

This is also a great thing to put on your CV. You can show potential employers your personality as well as standing out from the crowd.

With Birmingham being in the middle of the UK it’s easy to get here from anywhere. I can pick you up from a train station in south Birmingham which is just a 20 minute train journey from Birmingham New street, one of the newest and busiest railway stations in the UK. If you’re travelling a long way we could even make two or three videos in the same day.

I don’t always have spaces available for filming but if you are interested then just ask when booking lessons. I’m currently looking for people that want to film themselves taking a mock driving test in the new test format so email me if you’re interested.

** I am not recording anything at the moment. Only normal lessons are avaialble**



Why do I give free driving lessons?

Making driving lesson videos helps me to promote my work. There are many driving schools that boast about having the highest pass rates and the best instructors. Very few put their money where their mouth is and show you their instructors teaching in videos. Showing potential pupils myself teaching gets me a lot of work and shows how good I am.

Making videos with pupils also helps me to watch myself back and assess my teaching. I hardly ever do a lesson that I am happy with because I’m always looking to improve. Sometimes I watch a video back and can see why a pupil is not picking it up – it’s sometimes my fault and need to alter the way I teach.

So how do I make money from this? Companies pay me for adverts to appear in my videos and this creates a winning situation for everyone. You get a free lesson, I earn more for the lesson than you would pay me, the business gets new customers and people around the world get to watch the videos and learn for free.

If you are a business that is interested in my video work then you can email me to discuss promotions and advertising.


Free driving lessons in which we practised reversing around a corner

An image taken from one of the hundreds of driving lesson videos I’ve made


Who can make a video?

Anyone is welcome to make a video in return for free driving lessons. Here are some of the people I have met before.

  • Emma had never driven before and started from the beginning
  • Ella had taken some lessons and started with some experience
  • Archik had already passed his driving test a while ago
  • Adam wanted to take a mock test the week before his real driving test
  • Lucy filmed every single lesson with me from start to finish
  • Prisca had a full driving licence and wanted to improve driving on country lanes
  • Aaron was the first pupil I ever filmed a mock driving test with
  • Jennifer filmed a mock driving test with me
  • Kelly filmed her first driving lesson with me
  • Claudia took a lesson after failing a driving test with another school

The only thing I ask is that you are happy to speak on camera. It makes for a boring video if the pupil is silent and gives no feedback or thoughts on what’s happening. You don’t need to be loud or act, you just need to give some feedback and take part in the lesson in the same way you usually would.

I don’t always have time to fit filming in but if you are interested just email me.


What can I film on a free driving lesson?

I film anything to do with learning to drive except for the first few lessons because I have already done that several times. No matter what the pupil is like there are only so many ways you can explain car controls!

We can film any other topic or skill you need to work on. I have filmed everything before from the very basics right through to motorway driving. I have even filmed with other instructors so whatever needs doing I have the experience to do it.


What equipment do you use?

I use high quality camera and audio equipment for the highest quality video. All my free driving lessons will be shot in full HD 1080p at 60 frames per second. This gives smooth and detailed video that looks great.

I have over 10 years experience of editing video and audio so the final product is of a very high quality as you can see from all my videos!

From the summer of 2017 I am looking into filming at 4k Ultra HD. I have had the cameras to do so for a long time but people have only recently started buying 4k tv’s and for the moment 1080p is still the most popular video resolution by a long way.

I am looking at experimenting with some quite unusual filming techniques to produce driving lessons videos the like of which have never been seen before. Keep watching my YouTube channel and you’ll be seeing those things coming whenever I get time to make them!


How can I apply to make a free driving lesson video?

Just contact me to book driving lessons in the usual way and mention that you’re interested in making some free driving lesson videos with me.

It’s a great way of practising for the pressure you’ll feel when you’re on a driving test. For driving instructors it’s a great way of simulating the pressure of a standards check.

Get in touch with me today and let’s make a great video!



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