Free hypnotherapy for driving anxiety

These videos offer free hypnotherapy for driving anxiety.

They contain methods your average hypnotherapist would use so it’s like getting £100 an hour hypnotherapy sessions for free.

These videos have helped thousands of people but are nothing like my online work with clients. Watch me doing sessions to see what they’re like and contact me to work with me 1-2-1 from anywhere in the world.

Hypnosis for driving anxiety

My most popular hypnosis track for driving anxiety. This video helps thousands of people around the world overcome all sorts of fears related to driving.

It uses a simple technique that helps you swap bad feelings for good ones and can stop panic attacks and anxiety from starting when you drive.

Overcome driving test nerves (and more!)

This track uses a simple version of a technique which is very powerful because it allows you to actually talk to your problem!

Most people never think of talking to their driving anxiety and yet doing so can bring great relief.

This track was designed to help people overcome driving test nerves but it can also help with many other things. Whenever I talk about driving test nerves in this video, just swap that for whatever it is you want to work on.

Find the root cause of your driving anxiety using regression

This video helps you find the root cause of your driving anxiety so you understand it better.

Finding the root cause is an essential part of therapy work and is often the first major step to understanding the problem which then helps you to release it.

Remove feelings of driving anxiety

You can use this video to help remove the feelings you experience when driving.

Please be aware that you can’t erase memories or remove feelings. What this actually does is change the way you feel about the memories by disconnecting the feeling from the experience.

Hypnosis for fear of bridges

This is very similar to the first video at the top of this page but it goes into more depth.

It seems to be less of a traditional hypnosis track but this shows how you don’t need to spend twenty minutes relaxing before you start work.

Changing your thoughts is what’s important and that’s what this video helps you do.

Hypnotherapy to change how you feel about past driving events

This video contains a technique which is popular because it works so well.

It allows you to take a trip to a magical cinema where you get to live out the experience of driving without any fear so you can do the same next time you drive.

In fact, you get to edit your problem and experience driving in any way you choose!

Overcome driving anxiety with dice!

This works well if your driving anxiety is triggered by a sequence of events such as getting a bad stomach followed by your heart racing and then shortness of breath.

Your mind can’t activate the anxiety when this procedure is scrambled and as a result, you feel less anxiety when you drive.

It’s like mixing up a recipe when cooking; it won’t work if you do things in the wrong order.

NLP for overcoming fear of driving

This video uses a fun method to help you overcome a fear of driving.

Instead of using hypnosis, it uses NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) which is kind of like hypnosis without the trance. As with my other videos, you can use this on other problems in your life.

Find what’s causing your driving anxiety without using hypnosis

Here I present a different way of going about finding what’s causing your fear of driving.

Rather than using traditional trance and hypnosis, this method allows a fully awake, eyes-open style of using your subconscious mind.

Although this video was designed for use with driving test problems, it can work for anything. Just swap any mention of driving tests to whatever your problem is.

Tapping for driving anxiety (EFT)

Tapping is commonly known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

There are many theories about how it works but the truth is really a mystery.

I can promise you that it works very well because as I mention in this video, I used this to get rid of a pain in one of my knuckles that I endured for several months. It went within minutes using this incredible method.

Overcoming road rage and other driving incidents

If you’ve been involved in a road rage incident that has left you shaken and with bad memories then this video can help you deal with them better.

It works because you make fun of the situation which changes how you think about it and how you feel about it.

You can use this for anything appropriate in your life. Have fun!

Help to overcome sleeping problems and insomnia

Many people with driving anxiety are unable to sleep very well because of the stress it causes.

This guided meditation track is perfect for listening to in bed just before sleep.

You’ll go on a magical train ride into the countryside and meet a mysterious stranger on the steam train. Can you solve the riddle he gives you and learn a valuable life lesson in doing so?

Pain relief and healing

I designed this video when I had my tonsils removed! I made it to help people overcome pain from operations but it can offer relief for driving anxiety too.

Listen as you enter a mysterious cave and travel through time, learning as you go

More free hypnotherapy for driving anxiety

I hope this page of free hypnotherapy for driving anxiety has helped you to feel better so you can get back on the road. If not then see my page on Do YouTube Hypnosis Videos Work? to learn why.

Contact me to work with me 1-2-1 if you need more help because there’s nothing like real-life therapy.

I have over 700 free videos on my YouTube channel. They cover everything from learning to drive to the fear of driving on highways and being scared to drive over bridges.