Road rage incident

How to deal with road rage is something people ask me about all the time as both a driving instructor and a hypnotherapist.

Has someone ever cut you up or jumped a red light when you stopped? Those feelings of anger can eat away at you for days or even weeks because the feeling of injustice is the hardest of all to overcome.

There is a simple way of dealing with those feelings though which will only take you under 4 minutes to learn by reading this page or watching the video below.

How to deal with road rage

Let me share a story with you. After reading this you’ll never get annoyed by road rage again.

This same story is read by me in the video above so watch that if you prefer watching to reading. See more of my story videos on the 1stDrive YouTube channel.

A story that will change your life

Two monks were walking along a mountain path one day, chatting about the weather and life in general.

They both came from a monastery which had strict rules about the monks not having anything to do with women. The monks were not to speak to women, to look at them or even think about them.

As they walked down the mountainside towards a bridge which they crossed every day, they saw the bridge had collapsed. A woman was screaming for help after she had fallen into the river and was drowning.

The younger, less experienced monk shut his eyes and walked straight past her so as not to break the rules of his monastery.

The elder, more experienced monk walked into the river, picked up the woman with his big, strong arms and carried her to safety.

She thanked him and went on her way, as did the monks.

The younger monk was angry at the elder monk. “You shouldn’t have spoken to her! You know the rules; we can’t talk to women.”.

This went on for a while with the younger monk berating the elder monk. He even said he was going to tell everyone at the monastery what he had done because everyone had to know.

After several hours the elder monk turned to the younger monk and said:

“I only carried that woman for 20 seconds. How long are you going to keep carrying her for?”.

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