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This page explains how to overcome driving anxiety online with the unique driving instructor hypnotherapist.

I work online with people around the world so it doesn’t matter where you’re located. No driving lessons are needed, you can do it all from the comfort of home!

I help people overcome the fear of traffic lights, the fear of bridges, the fear of highways and much more.

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This video explains a lot about the cause of driving anxiety and how to get rid of it

How to overcome driving anxiety

There’s one thing you must understand:

A fear of driving has nothing to do with driving!

Driving anxiety is just a symptom – how your real problem is showing itself. It’s not the actual problem.

Think of it like how sneezing and coughing means you have a virus. Taping your mouth shut to stop your sneezing won’t get rid of the virus!

There are many self-proclaimed “experts” online (with no qualifications, no training and no idea what they’re talking about) saying all sorts of nonsense about positive feedback loops, eating more sugar, eating bananas and writing a letter to yourself saying how much you enjoy driving.

None of that rubbish is going to get you anywhere but here’s what will.

What causes a fear of driving?

Driving anxiety is caused by your subconscious mind stopping you from driving because it thinks it’s bad for you.

Your subconscious mind is what takes care of all the things you do each day without thinking like breathing, walking and talking. If you start to fall over, your subconscious mind kicks in instantly and helps you regain your balance. You may not even know it’s there but it is and it watches over you all the time.

The problem is, your subconscious mind speaks in a different language to us and unless you know that language, you can’t tell it to just stop it and let you drive!

So what is this language? Metaphors and images. You know when you have those crazy dreams like being a sheep flying around the moon in a fighter jet? That’s how your subconscious mind talks!

Although it’s very powerful, it makes silly mistakes and you can only correct them if you can speak in the same language it understands.

That’s why telling yourself to calm down or just get on with it won’t work. You’re talking to the wrong thing in the wrong language.

I know all this sounds crazy so let me give you a case study to show how it works.

This video goes into more detail about exactly how your fear of driving began

A case study of how to overcome driving anxiety

I had a client who would get nervous whenever other people were around him on the road. We investigated this and found the cause to be a childhood memory of being at a train station.

What’s a train station got to do with driving? Let me explain.

For some reason, his mind got the idea that driving was bad. It was probably because he just had a bad day or encountered an angry motorist that really got to him. We’ll never know for sure and can only guess.

To protect him from experiencing this pain again, his mind went into his past and attached a negative feeling to driving. That feeling was one he had when we almost fell down the stairs at a train station many years ago. He’d felt sick and had to go home and recover.

The train station and stairs had nothing to do with it. The feeling is what matters, the fact that he got upset meant that his mind saw that as a great feeling to give him when driving to stop him from doing it.

Once we detached this thought from driving he could drive again just like he could before.

How do I stop driving anxiety?

To stop driving anxiety you first need to find the cause of it as mentioned above. That sounds simple but without expert guidance, you may never realise you’ve found it!

I know what to look for because I’ve spent 20 years working with anxious drivers. I know the common phrases and themes that come up. I’m an expert at finding the link between obscure memories and a fear of driving.

Here’s a great example of how finding the cause of fear stops it.

Imagine that one night you’re lying in bed and are suddenly woken up by the sound of voices from another room. You freeze in terror and clutch at the sheets as you realise that someone must have broken into your home! You then hear the voices change into an advert for carpets and realise they’re coming from the TV that you left on in the other room.

What happens to your fear as soon as you realise there are no intruders, it’s just an advert for carpets?

The fear goes – exactly like your fear of driving will go!

This video explains more about how my driving anxiety program works

What if I can’t find the cause of driving anxiety?

Your problem exists in your subconscious mind so as long as your subconscious finds the cause and fixes it, that’s all that matters.

Once you start working with me, your subconscious mind will realise it’s got something wrong regarding driving as I explained in the example above.

It is nice if you get to know the cause so you can have closure but this only happens if your subconscious mind chooses to tell you.

You needn’t worry about any of this because I’ll take care of all this stuff for you.

Free videos to help with the fear of driving

The videos below explain everything about driving anxiety and how to fix it. Click the menu icon at the top right of the video box to choose from a large selection of videos.

How I can help you when others can’t

I am both one of the UK’s most experienced driving instructors and also a professional hypnotherapist. I have taught over 1,000 people to drive over the last 20 years, trained hundreds of driving instructors and made over 600 YouTube videos that have had over 10 million views.

In other words, I know my stuff!

Someone that is just a driving instructor can’t get rid of anxiety because they don’t know how to. They often make the mistake of booking you a driving lesson and putting you in a car; right into the very situation that makes you anxious. Driving instructors will often just teach you how to deal with anxiety or cope with it but that’s no good. You want it gone!

Therapists usually offer a wide range of services without being an expert in any of them. You can easily find therapy sites offering services to beat anxiety, quit smoking, lose weight, sleep better and much more. They do a bit of everything and aren’t particularly good at any of it! As the saying goes: jack of all trades, master of none.

If you want to get rid of driving anxiety then you need an expert who specialises in it – me.

You can learn more about these things on my page on vehophobia (the fear of driving).

Let’s get rid of your problem

I designed a system that can get rid of anxiety online no matter where you are in the world and the fact that it works anywhere led me to name my system ROAD (Remotely Overcome Anxiety from Driving).

You don’t need to get in a car or even leave your house and your driving problems can be fixed from the comfort of home. All you need is a device that can run the free video calling software Zoom.

What if the internet goes off? It doesn’t matter because you can’t get stuck in hypnosis or anything like that. At worst we just reconnect and carry on.

I designed the system to be modern, rapid and effective.

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For more details about hypnosis see hypnosis for driving anxiety or how hypnosis works.