Hypnosis for driving anxiety

Hypnosis for driving anxiety can help you get rid of fear and tension, leaving you free to drive with confidence.

For general advice without as much talk about hypnosis see my other page on driving anxiety.

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Why do I have driving anxiety?

Many people want to know why they have driving anxiety in the first place.

I explain how your mind works and why you have driving anxiety in the video below. It’s very important you watch this so you understand the basic principle behind why you have this problem.

Hypnosis for driving anxiety

If you have anxiety when driving it is most likely because your mind is associating driving with fear. Sometimes it’s general anxiety and others it can be attributed to a specific situation like motorway driving.

Have you ever heard people say that they’re going for a drive to relax? That can sound crazy to some people. How could anyone ever find driving relaxing?

It’s all to do with the way their mind is experiencing the thought and action of driving.

For someone with driving anxiety, driving triggers off terrible thoughts: they’re going to crash, they’re going to die, the car is going to break down. This is what we call the fear response and we need to change it to a relaxation response.

You’ve no doubt seen cool people that can drive without any fear at all and wonder what all the fuss it about.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be one of these lucky people that can stay so cool?  It isn’t luck and you can be that way too! In fact, you already are like that but you just don’t know it.

These “cool people” use what we call a relaxation response. This means that instead of feeling anxious, scared or frightening when driving, your mind learns to feel relaxed. Your mind will associate driving with feelings of happiness and calmness while still remaining alert to danger.

Now you understand why some people find it so easy while you may find it so hard.

Let’s change that.

How hypnosis for driving works

The first video above uses a simple method that replaces negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

The technical term for this, desensitisation, is more commonly known as facing your fear. There is more than one way to get rid of fear but facing up to it really is the best in my opinion.

Your mind fears things that are not familiar to it. Do you ever take the same holiday each year? Do the same things each Christmas? Get up at the same time each day?

That’s because your mind likes comfort and familiarity. Once what scares you is familiar the problem goes. It’s that simple!

It’s important to understand that hypnosis videos are designed to help and will work for many people. If they don’t work then that doesn’t mean hypnosis has failed or that you’re doing it wrongly. I’ve written a page answering the question do YouTube hypnosis videos work? which explains this in more detail.

Different things work for different people and no technique works for everyone.

YouTube videos will never be as good as 1-2-1 therapy because they’re designed to be a general one-size-fits-all approach.

Case study of me using hypnosis to fix driving anxiety

Here are is an example of a case I worked on where a man came to me with driving anxiety and after one short session he left free of the problem.

John’s fear of driving

John was a mid 30’s man who had kept a secret for years – he was terrified of driving. He used to make excuses not to drive with other people in the car so people wouldn’t see how scared he was.

John felt ashamed. He didn’t feel like a “real man” like his friends who loved cars and driving around.

John entered hypnosis very easily which surprised him because he thought he’d be terrible at it. Most people think that hypnosis won’t work on them but that’s nonsense and on your consultation, I’ll prove how it works for you!

After going back to a time earlier in John’s life, he remembered an incident when he was riding his bike and had jumped into the road without looking.

A car blasted him with its horn and it shook him so badly that he fell off his bike and cried about it all night.

John’s mind had been associating driving with that memory for years. A part of him had created a fear of driving to keep him safe. Whenever he had anything to do with cars this part of his mind would shout “No! Stop! Danger!”

We simply told that part of the mind that it didn’t need to do that anymore. We changed its job and gave it a role of giving John confidence and belief instead of doubt and fear.

John was now a confident driver who drove with a smile on his face and loved picking his wife up from work.

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