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I passed my standards check

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I finally got to take my standards check today and I’m pleased to say I passed. I was aiming to get a grade A and I got a grade B but I really don’t mind because I’m just so pleased to have it out of the way so I can start getting my life back to normal.

Over the summer of 2016 I have

  • Bought my first home and moved in
  • Built a new website
  • Ordered a new car
  • Filmed a 42 hour course of lessons with a pupil
  • Changed my working areas
  • Been ill
  • Had a standards check

At times it felt like everything was happening at once and it’s been a real struggle. Now my standards check is done I can enjoy my new home and start getting back into my daily routine without the worry of losing my job or having to retake it.

I will be launching my new video zone soon, hopefully in October, so look out for that and you’ll have over 50 hours of new video to watch.

It’s been a tough summer for me and next year I’ll be going on holiday for sure to relax!



  • Hi Paul, l am looking for your videos on preparation for the check test plus the way you teach using coaching methods. I have watched you explaining the sc1 test sheet and now wish to start coaching with my pupils. Where do I find other check test videos and tips on how to best use coaching methods.Also which model of möbius camera did you demonstrate on your video as I wish to purchase one from a uk supplier.Regards Peter.

  • The Standards check videos are found in my video zone, there are also some on YouTube for free. The camera in the review is the Mobius action camera 1 but the Mobius 2 is now out and offers much smoother video for only £10 more.

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