Intensive driving instructor training courses

Intensive driving instructor training courses are for people that want to get their training done quickly.

You may find yourself in a situation where you need a new job quickly. Maybe you just want to get working and not drag the training on for months. In those cases, an intensive course could be for you.

There are drawbacks to training this way which I am going to be open and honest about from the start.

Before you consider any training I recommend you read my page on the truth about being a driving instructor. It’s the most honest page about the subject anywhere online and thousands of people have used it to make an informed chose about whether or not to become a driving instructor.

Intensive driving instructor training courses

There are many people who just want to get things done.

There’s a good chance you’re currently out of work or are stuck in a job you hate. You want to get out as soon as you can and not stick it out for another year.

The appeal of being self-employed and not having a boss is an irresistible draw, especially if you have a bad boss at the moment!

This is when intensive driving instructor training courses can be very handy.

How intensive driving instructor training courses work

An intensive course is no different from a weekly course other than you complete it in less time.

Nothing is missed out, no corners are cut. What’s the difference between taking 40 hours of tuition over 6 months or 2 weeks? Only the amount of time it takes.

There are some differences which we’ll look at in a moment. So long as you’re aware of them beforehand there is no problem.

The two parts that we focus on the most are ADI part 2 and ADI part 3.

What about ADI part 1? You’ll need to have that done before we start the course. You can start before then but I don’t recommend that unless you are in a real rush to qualify.

You’ll also need to apply to become a driving instructor with the DVSA.

ADI part 2 intensive course

ADI part 2 is quite easy to cover in a short amount of time.

It’s not easy to pass the advanced driving test and I’m not saying you’re going to just put in no effort and sail through.

It really isn’t that hard though if you are prepared to do the one thing many that fail don’t. You’ll learn what that is on the course but doing it makes passing far more likely.

It usually only takes around 10 to 14 hours to get someone to the standards to pass ADI part 2. Remember: this does not mean it is easy! It just takes less time and is easier than ADI part 3 but underestimate ADI part 2 at your peril.

You only have 3 attempts to pass parts 2 and 3 so don’t rush in and waste a valuable chance.

ADI part 3 intensive course

ADI part 3 takes at least 40 hours of training.

Exactly how we spread this training out is something we can arrange between us. Rather than having set times of when I do training and selling packages, I tailor my courses to peoples needs.

Please understand that I am a busy person. As well as teaching people to drive and training instructors I also help people overcome driving anxiety and make YouTube videos. My time is very valuable so if you want an intensive ADI course then I need a good amount of notice. I do get emails from people asking to fit 40 hours in starting next week. That’s never going to happen!

The drawbacks of intensive driving instructor training

The main drawback to an intensive driving instructor training course is that there is simply so much to take in that it can be too much to fit it all into a short space of time.

I thoroughly recommend spreading your course out over a minimum of 2 weeks and 3 or 4 is even better. It is not a good idea to do 40 hours in 1 week because you just will not take it all in.

Some may argue that isn’t even an intensive course. Consider however that it usually takes 6 months to a year to become a driving instructor in the traditional weekly lesson route and you’ll see that a few weeks is indeed intensive!

I’ve done courses with new instructors where we have done two lessons a day Monday to Friday so 20 hours in one week. Come Friday they are exhausted and say it’s been a tough week!

I understand that you want to get things done but please do not try and cram it all into 5 days.

Be aware of ADI part 2 and 3 test waiting times

The biggest thing to consider when thinking about taking an intensive driving instructor training course is the waiting times for the tests.

Here in Birmingham, there is almost always a waiting time of 2 to 3 months per test. It can be up to 6 months and waiting times can be so long they just stop booking tests altogether.

This is a tricky one for me to talk about though because the thing is you can often get tests at short notice. If I say the waiting times are long it puts people off but I don’t want to promise you a short notice test when there are no guarantees of one.

How do you get these short notice tests? They come up when people move their tests back for any reason or if the DVSA allocate more tests to an examiner. You can also take the tests anywhere in the UK so some people are happy to travel all over the place to get one sooner.

That doesn’t work as well for part 3 because you need to know the area you’re teaching in but I travelled from Birmingham to Manchester and Wolverhampton for my own part 3 tests.

Contact me to arrange your course

If you think an intensive driving instructor training course is for you then contact me now to book your course.