Intensive driving lessons in Birmingham. Learn to drive quickly and safely.

Driving lessons in Birmingham

Intensive driving lessons in Birmingham


Intensive driving lessons, also known as crash courses, are a popular way of learning to drive. I started doing intensive courses in 2006 and they are no different in quality to weekly courses. I don’t cut corners and I don’t miss things out, these courses just take less time to complete.


No deposit to pay before we meet

There’s no need to risk paying ahead before you have even met me. In fact I won’t take any payment off anyone until I’ve met them. Come and meet me first, talk to me, see if you like my school and discuss your course. There’s no hard sell in the car; I’ll email you a possible course after the first lesson for you to think about.


How my intensive driving lessons are structured

The word¬†“intensive” means different things to different people but I class an intensive course as taking more than one lesson (two hours) per week.

If you took a two hour lesson on each Monday and Wednesday then you could be at test standard in as little as 10 weeks (4 hours per week x 10 weeks = 40 hours). If you wanted to do a lesson each Monday, Wednesday and Friday then you’d be ready in around 6 weeks as taking lessons more regularly means you might forget less between lessons so could need less hours in total.

I think this is a great way of learning to drive. I won’t do lessons that are longer than 2 hours. It’s very tiring to both learn and teach driving, when you start learning and you’ll see that 2 hours a time is enough. Any more is exhausting and can end up doing you more harm than good.

A pupil taking intensive driving lessons in Birmingham with

Nothing is missed out on my intensive courses. They are just as detailed and thorough as my weekly driving lessons.


Why I won’t do pass in a week courses

I do not do “pass in 5 days” courses because I consider them to be dangerous and you will not learn how to drive properly. Some schools doing these will only teach you the test routes and all the tricks to make it look as though you know what you are doing. Notice how it always says “Pass your test in 5 days!” and not “Learn to drive safely and properly in 5 days”.

If you’re one of the very few that scrapes a pass on a test after only 5 days then you will be a car crash waiting to happen in my opinion. The only people who should do 5 day courses are those with plenty of experience who just need to polish things up then go for a test.

I meet people all the time that have been on these courses and are in such a mess it takes longer to teach them than it would someone that had never driven before.


Take a 5 day course and you could end up as bad at driving as the driver in this video! See more videos like this on my YouTube channel


Prices for intensive driving lessons

Intensive courses are charge at the same prices as usual weekly lessons. The only difference between my intensive lessons and weekly lessons is the length of time it takes to complete the course.

To book an intensive course I need a 50% deposit after your first lesson and the other 50% when the course begins. Once you have paid the deposit then I can reserve the times you want, until then they remain open for other people to book.

If you are interested in an intensive course then contact me as much in advance as possible.



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