I’ve met people with driving licences from all over the world; Sri Lanka, China, Russia and many others. These international licences pose a problem for driving instructors because we have no way of checking if they are valid.

If I was to teach someone on a licence that isn’t valid then that makes my insurance invalid and I would get 6 points on my licence and lose my job for driving without insurance. I could also then face a bill of tens of thousands of pounds for any damage caused in a crash.

If you have an international licence then you’re going to be swapping it for a UK licence anyway after passing a test so why not just swap it anyway before lessons? Some people won’t because they have something to hide and know they won’t be issued with a UK licence.

Having a UK licence is essential if you want driving lessons with me because I won’t take the risk of not being insured.

Find out more about swapping a foreign driving licence for a UK driving licence.

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