Kings Heath driving test centre

Kings Heath driving test centre in Birmingham serves the south of the city.

On this page you can watch a driving test from Kings Heath driving test centre and learn more about it from one of the UK’s most experienced driving instructors.

I’ve done hundreds of driving test from this centre so let me share that knowledge and experience with you.

Kings Heath driving test centre routes

The routes from Kings Heath test centre involve a wide variety of roads.

There are high speed dual carriageways and several larger roundabouts such as Beckett’s farm roundabout.

That’s great news for you because it means that passing here means a lot. Who wants to pass at a test centre where the roads are quiet and easy?

That wouldn’t mean anything and you’d be in trouble when you start driving alone on busy roads.

The videos below show you some test routes around Kings Heath. We start some of them from a test centre which is a mile away but the routes are virtually identical. This other centre acts as an over spill due to the waiting times at Kings Heath getting very long occasionally.

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Kings heath driving test centre pass rate

If you look up this test centre online you’ll find lots of rubbish talked about it.

People say that it’s a bad centre and that you’re unlikely to pass here. You’ll find many misleading articles about how you’re more likely to pass at other test centres and how you should avoid this one.

It’s true that the pass rate at this test centre is low at around 33% but why is that?

Is it because of a bad test centre or bad driving?

Test centre pass rates show how good the drivers are that turn up for tests there, not how good the test centre is!

The main reason more people fail here is because of there being so many awful instructors in Birmingham working at large driving schools that churn out one bad instructor after another.

I know because I’m one of the UK’s leading driving instructor trainers and the standard of instruction in Birmingham is among the lowest in the UK.

There are many reasons for some test centres to have lower pass rates than others but here’s something people often don’t think of.

Test centres with lower pass rates can have more people passing at them

100 people go to test centre A and 10 pass giving that centre a 10% pass rate.

20 people go to test centre B and 3 pass giving that centre a 15% pass rate.

Test centre B has a higher pass rate (15% compared to 10%) but only 3 people passed there compared to 10 at the other!

More people passed at the test centre with a lower pass rate.

Don’t be fooled by pass rates because they mean very little.

The same is true of driving instructor pass rates as explained in this video.

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