Mock driving test videos

Mock driving test videos showing real driving test routes in Birmingham to see how pupils would perform on a real test.

The videos in the box below show the driving test in it’s most current format. I took part in the trials of this new test back in 2015 before many driving instructors even knew it was changing. Due to that I have a wealth of experience when it comes to the new driving test.

I’ve sat in on well over 400 driving tests in my career so I know exactly what driving test examiners look for, what would pass and what wouldn’t.

So long as it wouldn’t distract you I always recommend taking your driving instructor on test with you because they can help you more whatever the result.

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Interactive driving test game

This interactive video is the first-ever of its kind where you can take part in a virtual driving test.

You’ll have to make choices along the way which change the path that the video takes. Can you make it to the end and pass your driving test?

Driving tests with commentary

These driving test videos with commentary are full of hints and tips to help you pass your driving test.

You’ll hear expert commentary from my 20 years of experience as a driving instructor and learn common driving test faults people make.

As with the other videos on this page, these are real driving test routes including the very latest ones designed in 2020.

Older mock driving tests

These videos show older mock driving tests in the previous test format without the sat nav. The show me question is done at the start instead of it now being done on the move.

The test routes, marking and other things on the new test are still the same, or very similar, as they were when these were filmed. Safe driving is safe driving no matter what test criteria you’re working to.

Enjoy watching these videos and discovering what driving test examiners are looking for.

Show me tell me

I have a page dedicated to the Show me Tell me part of the driving test.

This is where the examiner asks you to tell them something about the car before your test begins. They ask you to show them something about it while you are driving.

Visit my Show me Tell me page to watch a pupil and examiner going through the answers for you.

Mock driving test show me tell me questions and answers