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Mock standards checks

Demand for my mock standards checks is growing and it’s great that so many driving instructors are keen to enhance their skills.

A standards check is when an examiner from the DVSA sits in the back of the car and observes a one-hour driving lesson. These examiners are not the same ones that only do L tests and are not instructor themselves but have been trained to identify instructional techniques.

There’s no better way of getting used to doing a standards check then to contact me to arrange a mock standards check.

We can do a one hour lesson exactly as it would be done on a real standards check. You’ll get invaluable feedback and experience what it feels like to have someone sitting in the car watching you do a lesson.

Newer driving instructors are used to this because they’ve already done it on their part 3. Maybe it’s been a while since you passed or this is your first “real” standards check after qualifying.

Here’s a video showing what you can expect on training with me and remember that all my filmed training sessions are free of charge!


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